One Piece Chapter 987


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates (including Jinbe) riding giant boobs. The motto is “We’re gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist”.


Onigashima, in Kaidou’s castle: The Emperor has just been attacked by the Nine Akazaya, who together have pounced on him. As he falls from the balcony, he remembers Kozuki Oden, who 20 years ago was the first and only person to ever scar him. He is horrified to discover that the swords of the Akazaya, who have obviously absorbed the will of their former master, are now boring into his body as well. The ten fighters finally land on the ground with a crash, creating a large hole.

The 100-beast pirates present are visibly overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of the enemies, when Hyogoro and his men finally make themselves known. Moreover, at this moment Luffy and Yamato have arrived on the scene, who immediately want to throw themselves into the battle. In the confusion, Nami and Carrot also manage to free themselves from their captivity, when Big Mom herself screams and speaks up. Seeing Luffy again, she immediately wants to take revenge for the disgrace of Whole Cake Island, but she is interrupted by Kaidou’s voice.

He is underground with the Akazaya, where he is surprised that the legend of the returnees is true and that they could find so many comrades-in-arms. Nevertheless, he does not intend to lose this battle.

That’s when Luffy speaks up, revealing that he’s come with the goal of defeating both the Big Mom Pirates and the Beasts Pirates in this “War of Decision”!

While Big Mom can only laugh at this plan for now, Queen is just notified that in addition to the Straw Hat Pirates, former Supernovae Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid, and the thousands of Samurais and Udon prisoners, Marco the Phoenix has now been spotted at the entrance!

Considering the considerable strength of both sides, Kaidou decides to accept the challenge and transforms into his dragon form to burst out of the castle in this huge form and fight the final battle Luffy wants outside.

This decision, in turn, suddenly makes Nekomamushi and Inuarashi smile. As the former reports with a grin, Queen has not yet mentioned one component of the force facing him: the Minks of Zou, who have also gathered for battle in Wano Country. Furthermore, he had hoped from the beginning that the battle would take place outdoors, since this was a special day: Through the slowly falling snow of the clear night, he and his comrades-in-arms would have a perfect view of the full moon in the sky…

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