One Piece Chapter 985


Luffy, Kid and Law fly on giant macaws and eat a meal. While Luffy and Kid fight over the food, Law offers his onigiri to smaller macaws.


The Backside of Onigashima: After the Akazaya go ashore with the help of Trafalgar Law, they encounter Kanjuro at the secret entrance to Kaidou’s castle, who tries to stop them from their plan. When asked to release Momonosuke, the traitor replies that the Kozuki heir secretly grabbed a knife to escape, whereupon Kanjuro beat him into unconsciousness. Enraged by this, O-Kiku grabs his sword and attacks Kanjuro, while the others also engage in battle against his men. Then they are suddenly interrupted by the sound of a projector-tanishi, which starts broadcasting Kaidou’s speech to his men…

Meanwhile at Luffy and Yamato’s place: Since the straw hat still doesn’t believe Kaidou’s daughter, she presents her counterpart with the shackles on her joints. These are the same exploding handcuffs worn by the inmates of the Udon Prison Mine. As Yamato reports, she received them from her father after she tried to leave the island with Ace at the age of eight! Furthermore, she had been beaten up by Kaidou every time she disagreed with him, which is why she now wants to overthrow him just like the Akazaya. Convinced of her intentions, Luffy now wants to remove the handcuffs, when the transmission of Kaidou’s speech starts on his end as well…

This begins with Kaidou proclaiming that the Navy and World Government have not lost their minds by disbanding the institution of the Seven Samurai. Instead, they would now have another secret weapon, but one that the Beasts Pirates would not need to fear. Fighting this secret, they would instead find the Ancient Weapons while creating the most powerful alliance ever. At this moment, Big Mom joins the action, revealing that the gangs of the two emperors will now work together to unite the Ancient Weapons, start a world war, and seize the One Piece in the chaos! While everyone listening is excited about this, however, Kaidou has another announcement to make: As he reports, the subjects of Orochi now have a decision to make…. Since Wano Country is not part of the world government, and moreover is a natural fortress, he wants to make the island his headquarters and a lawless zone for pirates! At this point Orochi intervenes, who sees his rule in danger, as Kaidou also swings his sword and beheads the Shogun! To the shocked spectators he shouts that the clans of Wano Country don’t mean anything to him and therefore every inhabitant has to decide whether he wants to be a pirate under his flag or die! Looking at Momonosuke nailed to a cross, Luffy finally can’t contain himself any longer and bursts through the roof into the main hall. At that moment, Kaidou proclaims the entire territory of Wano Country and Onigashima to be “New Onigashima”, whose shogun in turn is his “son” Yamato! Hearing this, “the very same” flees from the surrounding pirates, whereas Luffy demands to be taken to Momonosuke. In the background, a 100-beast pirate calls for the “Flying Six”…

Oda’s comment

The Line Creators Collaboration Event! I can’t wait until July 22 to see what you guys come up with!
Line is a popular instant messenger in Japan. At the LINE Creators Collaboration, you can design your own One Piece stamps (=stickers) and sell them through the app, see also comment of chapter 980.

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