One Piece Chapter 984


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 30: “It’s Me!!! Your father!!!”
Pound enlightens his daughters that he is their father, which clearly surprises them.


Onigashima, inside Kaidou’s castle: After the surprise appearance of Yamato and his escape with Luffy in tow, Page One and Ulti lie battered on the ground. However, despite the hard hits they took, they both quickly make it back to their feet. In the process, the tenacity of Ancient Zoan users shocks even the surrounding members of the Beasts Pirates. Angered by this setback, Page One immediately sets off in search of the fugitives….

They are currently in one of the corridors, with Luffy having started a fight because he doesn’t trust Yamato. However, the latter asks the straw hat to follow him to an unguarded place for just a moment, so that he can explain himself…

Meanwhile, in the main hall, Orochi is telling the revelers how the imprisoned Momonosuke and the Akazaya were able to enter the future using Toki’s devil powers. Now, however, with the execution of the Kozuki heir, this curse should finally come to an end. Some in the room, however, don’t want to believe this story: as it turns out, it’s Jinbe, Nico Robin and Hyogoro who successfully infiltrated the troops…

Meanwhile, on the backside of the island, Trafalgar Law’s submarine has finally reached the secret entrance and is about to surface. With the help of his devilish powers, Law transports everyone across the raging sea to the shore in a flash. There, in turn, Nekomamushi, Marco and Izou are already waiting at the entrance…!

At the same time, Kaidou himself, along with his three disasters, enters the grand banquet hall to finally complete the execution of the Kozuki clan after 20 years….

Elsewhere in the castle, in an attic: Luffy and Yamato have successfully shaken off their pursuers, which the latter wants to use to tell his story. As he reveals, he was once present at the execution of Kozuki Oden, whom he admired very much as a samurai. That’s why he always rebelled against his father, who simply had this legend killed, until one day he finally found Oden’s logbook in Kuri, which tells about his heroic life. Since then, he said, it has served as his bible, which in turn led to his decision to carry on the will of the Nine Akazaya. To that end, he said, he now wants to fight side by side with Luffy. At this moment, Yamato removes his mask and reveals himself to be a young woman, Kaidou’s daughter! Just to be more like Oden, she has been referring to herself as husband and son ever since. Luffy is visibly surprised by this when, on top of everything else, Yamato says that the Straw Hat’s strength and unbroken will remind her a lot of Ace…!

Oda’s comment

How long should I continue the Corona manga drawing process from home? It’s tricky.

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