One Piece Chapter 983


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 29: “Hey, It’s That Man From The Harbor”
The Fire Tank pirate gang and Lola run into Pound, who has just been doctored by the dwarves. Bege and Petz recognize him as the man from Cacaos Harbor, who saved them from Oven there.


Wano Country, off the coast of Onigashima: Charlotte Perospero has used his devilish powers to climb the waterfall and is now heading straight for Emperor Kaidou’s island….

In the brothel district of Onigashimas Island: While Chopper and Usopp are meanwhile left alone by Charlotte Linlin, Nami and Co. are still in pursuit of Prometheus. The latter calls for his mistress to punish Zeus’ kidnappers, which terrifies the Straw Hat Pirates…

In the main hall of the castle: Shogun Orochi has nailed Momonosuke to a cross and now wants the 100-beast pirate gang to witness his execution…

Currently elsewhere: both Zoro and the Eustass Kid face several “poisoners” which they must confront….

Meanwhile at Luffy’s: After meeting Page One and Ulti, members of the “Flying Six”, he announces to both of them that he will be the future king of the pirates. Enraged by this statement, Ulti reveals that she has eaten from the Ancient Zoan Fruit, model: Pachycephalosaurus and transforms into her animal-human form. As such, she delivers a mighty headbutt to Luffy, which, to the astonishment of everyone else involved, he survives without any major damage. Instead, he counterattacks and grabs Ulti’s horns in a flash, ramming them powerfully into the ground. At the same time, he gives Page One a gum-gum elephant gun, whereupon he has to notice that Ulti is already back on her feet. She chokes him until she finally realizes that there is another fighter in the room, who unceremoniously knocks her to the floor with a clubbing blow. The stranger then grabs Luffy and flees with him, telling him that he is Yamato, the son of Kaidou! According to him, he has been waiting for the Straw Hat…


  • The objects humanized by Big Mom’s devil powers are all Yōkai from Japanese mythology. The umbrella corresponds to the Kasa-obake, the lantern is found in the form of the Chōchin-obake (note: needs link) (translated “paper lantern spirit”) and the sandals are known in Japan as Bakezōri (“ghost sandals”).
  • Oda has adjusted Page One’s dinosaur shape in contrast to his appearance in Chapter 930: Instead of tapered, his tail is now slightly wider/flatter, making it more paddle-like. This is Oda’s response to recent findings from the spring of that year, where it was discovered that Spinosaurus possessed a paddle-like tail that allowed it to safely navigate and hunt in water. This change is also referenced in SBS Volume 97.( hideimage )

Oda’s comment

My new manga editor is Iwasaki. Welcome. I have a total of four editors if you add the ones for the other media. It’s a revolutionary era the way we work!
Since 2008, Oda has been assisted by at least two editors, the first of whom handles the manga and the second the other media. What’s new here is that Oda talks about even three editors taking care of the media. An overview of all editors can be found here

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