One Piece Chapter 982


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 28: “The Navy, Get Out!!!”
Gotti flees with Lola in his arms and Chiffon carrying Capone Bege and Capone Pez, all fleeing from an explosion in the background.


Onigashima: Inside the castle the party is in full swing, which is why Kaidou and Orochi are already drunk. At this moment Kanjuro finally arrives at his two masters, who had gotten lost in the castle before. With him is Momonosuke, whom he has severely beaten up after trying to loosen his bonds with a knife. To his regret, however, the traitor has to reveal that the plan to destroy the remaining Akazaya failed and that they are still alive. At this point, Fukurokuju joins the conversation and continues to report that while Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Eustass Kid, and Killer have been spotted on the island, there is no sign of any of the samurai. But even this, and the fact that Queen has taken care of this problem herself, doesn’t really appeal to Orochi. Instead, he now wants to carry out the public execution of the last heir of the Kozukis…

Meanwhile off the coast: Nekomamushi has contacted Trafalgar Law’s unit via Den-den Mushi and reports that he and Marco are close by. The latter didn’t want to come at first, so as not to abandon Whitebeard’s home island, but when he realized what situation had been conjured up in Wano Country, he finally decided to deliver his message to Luffy himself…

Meanwhile on the island: Denjiro has been able to continue his way through the castle unmolested thanks to his years of camouflage and has just met Sasaki, a member of the “Flying Six”, who still believes him to be Kyoshiro. The spy takes advantage of this and has the 100-beast pirate chained up without further ado, in order to be able to advance undisturbed.

At the same time elsewhere: Chopper and Usopp are on the run after running into Big Mom. The latter pursues the Straw Hats full of rage at their captain, which in turn allows the rest to remain unseen. Therefore, while Kinemon continues to lead his troops towards the target, Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu rush inside to search for Momonosuke. There, however, they suddenly encounter Prometheus, who wants his companion Zeus back…

At the same time somewhere in the castle: Page One and Ulti from the “Flying Six” have set off together to follow their captain’s orders and search for Yamato. Suddenly, Luffy runs into them…

Oda’s comment

Congratulations to you, Shirai and Posuka. I always enjoyed seeing your “true forms” at the New Year parties.
Shirai Kaiu (note: needs link) and Demizu Posuka are the mangaka duo behind The Promised Neverland. In this Jump issue, they have ended their series with the final chapter.

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