One Piece Chapter 981


Color Spread: Sanji, Usopp, and Brook play music at a club for Luffy, Nami, and Chopper while Zoro has gone to sleep. While doing so, some animals celebrate with them. A video of the production process can be found on One Piece’s official social media channels, such as Twitter.


Onigashima: Eustass Kid has just let Scratchmen Apoo take a heavy hit. While the Kid expresses his anger at being betrayed to Kaidou by Apoo, Queen orders all the pirates present to kill the intruders. However, since they wouldn’t stand a chance against the former supernovae, Haccha, a member of the “Numbers”, also intervenes at this moment! Therefore, Luffy, Zoro, Kid and Killer want to run away for the time being in order to be able to put their plan further into action, when Apoo tries to attack them from a distance again. Killer then reveals that the devilish powers of the “Rumble of the Sea” only work if you can hear the sounds it makes. But if you cover your ears instead, they are ineffective…

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the castle, Who’s Who, one of the “Flying Six,” sets out to search for Yamato, thus rising in Kaidou’s favor for a place among the “disasters…”

At the same time Kinemon and his entourage have also continued their way into the interior of the island and have just reached a brothel area, which is under control of Black Maria. However, this has been cleared due to current events, so that the Samurais can pass. To their shock, however, the quarters of Charlotte Linlin are also located here, who at this moment looks through a door and catches sight of Chopper…!

Meanwhile, at the Great Waterfall, the entrance to Wano Country: The Big Mom pirate gang has made a second attempt to climb the waterfall after their encounter with King, and are just reaching the top again. This time, too, they immediately spot a flying creature in the sky, but to their horror, this time it’s not King, but none other than Marco the Phoenix, former commander of the 1st Division of the Whitebeard Pirates! Without much hesitation, the zoan user also launches an air attack on the Empress’ ship, bringing it down once more. This spectacle is observed by Nekomamushi as well as Izou, who are happy to see Marco back in action after such a long time…!

Oda’s comment

There is something indispensable for me when the big fights start. And that is the online database of all character attacks. Thank you!

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