One Piece Chapter 977


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 24: “Lola?! Chiffon?! The sisters are reunited!”
Lola and Chiffon finally see each other again.


Off the coast of Onigashima: The Straw Hat Pirates is beside themselves with joy at the reunion with Jinbe, who takes this opportunity to reveal that the Sun Pirates had to fight a hard battle with many casualties, but that they are now all safe for the time being. Then Kinemon takes the floor, who wants to go over the plan again with all the other members of the gang, since the previous one must have been betrayed by Kanjuro. As the samurai tells them, Onigashima is surrounded by mountains from all directions, so that the only way to get to the island is through the well-guarded main entrance. After they managed that with combined forces, Kinemon wanted to split his troops into two teams to circle Kaidou’s castle with them on both sides and finally get inside the building through a secret passage, where they could have surprised the emperor while he was drunk. But as Denjiro remarks again, this is the plan that Kanjuro also knows, which is why they now need a new one.

Trafalgar Law now presents such an idea: According to his idea, the Alliance should nevertheless send some troops through the main entrance to distract the enemies there. Meanwhile, the Akazaya on the submarine of the Heart pirate gang would be driven around the island unnoticed and could then be transported by means of the devil powers of the “Surgeon of Death” through the surrounding mountains into the island’s interior at lightning speed.

Satisfied that the battle plan has now been finalized once again, Law and Kinemon suddenly find that the Thousand Sunny has disappeared. To their horror, an explosion occurs at the main entrance of Onigashima, where the Straw Hats have already launched an attack on their own initiative! To the astonishment of all onlookers, however, they’re able to take out all the guards there with ease in no time, so that the way is already clear for the diversionary squads. They want to catch the Straw Hats as well as the men of the Kid Pirates, who immediately get ready for a race towards the harbour…

Meanwhile in Kaidou’s castle: The emperor, his “main representatives”, the “Numbers” as well as Shogun Orochi have already started the festivities, when the pirate captain is told that the “Tobi Roppō” have arrived to pay their respects to him and Empress Big Mom. These six mighty warriors enter the room at that moment….

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Do you guys have a favorite character? People who have one seem really happy. Can beef be mine?

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