One Piece Chapter 976


Color Spread the Straw Hat Pirates as they make shoes with some dwarves in the Tontatta Kingdom.


Wano Country, in the waters around the port of Tokage: With the help of Kyoshiro aka Denjiro, 5,400 men have now gathered to set sail for Onigashima for the final battle against Emperor Kaidou and Shogun Kurozumi Orochi, which strikes great fear into the men of the Beasts Pirates facing them. Before that, however, Kawamatsu wants to free his master Momonosuke from Kanjuro’s hostage situation, which is why he hastily swims to him and attacks him with his sword. The Paramecia user, however, has already drawn a crane with which he now takes to the skies. Although the Straw Hats want to attack the traitor there as well, he suddenly presents his technique “Sumi Gumo”, which is still unknown even among his former comrades-in-arms, and with which he covers the sky with black ink clouds. Shortly thereafter, they also rain down hundreds of arrows on the armada, making it impossible for Luffy and company to pursue Kanjuro. Momonosuke then summons up all his courage and addresses his followers himself. He promises that he alone will find a way to escape, Kinemon’s troops may instead focus on defeating Kaidou and Orochi! Inspired by these words, Luffy replies that if Momonosuke finds a way to survive, that will be enough, he will definitely save him…

When the army finally sails off, they notice that the remaining enemy ships have already put a large distance between themselves and the samurais. However, contrary to the assumption that they are simply fleeing, the Beasts Pirates pirates suddenly present their long-range cannons, built in the world’s best weapons factories in Wano Country, with which they can fire accurately even at this distance. Ship after ship is hit by the cannonballs, unable to close the distance to their opponents, when suddenly there is movement of the sea next to Kaidou’s battleship. A powerful jet of water rises from the ocean, which pierces the ship, sinking it in seconds! Responsible for this attack is a person emerging from the waters, who asks to be allowed to introduce himself briefly: He’s from the Ryuuguu Kingdom at the bottom of the sea, and after he had to experience a lot of suffering recently, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates offered him a bowl of sake. Since then, he has been its helmsman! They also called him “Knight of the Sea” and he wanted to join the battle: To the endless delight of the Straw Hats and the shock of Trafalgar Law as well as Eustass Kids, standing before the Alliance is none other than Jinbe, former Samurai of the Seas…!

Oda’s comment

I want to draw a sea battle, but it’s difficult because there are people on the ships who are stronger than cannons.

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