One Piece Chapter 975


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 23: “Thank You, Whoever You Are ♡”
Gotti realizes he didn’t save Chiffon, but Lola, who gives him a kiss on the cheek in thanks.


Wano Country, at Tokage Port: After Kanjuro revealed himself as the traitor and took Momonosuke hostage, the ships of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Heart Pirates, as well as the Kid Pirates, which were able to survive the attacks of the Beasts Pirates, have suddenly appeared. However, the additional 3,500 former prisoners of the Udon Mine, the 200 Yakuza Hyogoros, the 200 Minks under Inuarashi’s command, and the 300 bandits of the Atamayama Gang are still missing from the alliance’s 4,200-strong strike force. Then the Beasts Pirates Pirates announce that while they could not destroy the Thousand Sunny, which is made of the nearly indestructible wood of the Adam Tree, they could destroy all the ships in Itachi Harbor and all the bridges between the regions of Wano Country. Thus, even if the Straw Hats’ allies were still alive, they would not be able to reach Onigashima, leaving the attackers at the mercy of the powerful alliance of the two emperors Kaidou and Big Mom! Shocked but furious at the news, Luffy, Law and Kid immediately take the initiative and launch a devastating joint attack that directly sinks one of their giant ships, much to the horror of the enemy pirates!

At that moment, another ship arrives on the scene – that of the Yakuza leader Kyoshiro. Kaidou’s men are happy to see their boss, but he suddenly pulls out his sword and destroys the cannons of another 100-beast ship. Explaining himself, Kyoshiro tells at this point about an incident in the capital from 40 years ago, which was attributed to Kozuki Oden and thus founded his legend. In fact, however, it was the still-young Kinemon who was to blame back then, which in turn makes the samurai understand that Kyoshiro must be Denjiro, since only he knows of this truth! Confirming this, Denjiro goes on to present that he managed to free the 1,000 samurais trapped in the Rasetsu District, who are now sailing out of the storm in several ships behind him. Together with his 200 yakuza, he now wants to join the alliance against Kaidou! He further reported that Tonoyasu’s and Kinemon’s plan had been ingenious: The additional lines on the symbolic snake, which stood for the port of Habu, created a pun that simply meant “landing place”. Kinemon, however, told his closest allies about the port of Tokage, which the spy falsely relayed to Kurozumi Orochi. There was also the fact that the Shogun had always spent all his time in the capital and therefore knew nothing about the distances in Wano Country. Attacking last night was thus far too late, as the 4,200 men had long since crossed all bridges and reached Itachi’s ships. Destroyed were thus only the remaining, additional companions and the fighters waited not in Tokage, but at a small dock in Hakumai with many maple trees, which was once much loved by Tonoyasu. Thus, all are well, as evidenced by the dozens of ships now gradually appearing at Denjiro’s back! Unaware that in truth Kinemon had also simply misunderstood Tonoyasu’s hint, Denjiro proclaims the samurai as the leader of the rebellion and coming final battle on Onigashima! Together with the now newly acquired allies, 5,400 men are ready…

Oda’s comment

It’s hard to write about anything with the world in this state. I pray with all my heart for all of them.
Oda is talking here about the COVID-19 pandemicwhich at this time is beginning to affect almost all parts of the world in a serious way, including COVID-19 pandemic in Japan.

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