One Piece Chapter 974


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 22: “The Boss’s Wife Is Saved!!!”
Gotti has apparently grabbed Chiffon and is running with her through Dress Rosa’s streets.


Wano Country, a few months ago: Kurozumi Orochi has just learned that the samurais from 20 years ago are indeed alive and now resurfaced, as Toki had predicted, which in turn frightens him deeply. While Kaidou wants to use the chance to ask the Kozuki heir an important question, the shogun has already tracked down an ally, who unrecognized belongs to the Kurozumi family and once lost his entire family for that reason. This unknown person will work as a spy in the ranks of the Akazaya for Orochi and pass on all information, in order to finally die together with the others…

Back in the present, Momonosuke and the Akazaya are still standing at Tokage Harbor, where they had planned to meet up with their many allies to travel to Onigashima for the final battle. However, as they found out, the port is completely destroyed and none of the allies are in sight. Unwilling to just give up, however, the samurais nevertheless get into a small rowboat to carry out the plan on their own. While Kinemon wonders who might have betrayed them, he sees no way or need to find out at this point. Kanjuro, on the other hand, sees things differently: to the horror of everyone present, he reveals that he is the spy! His full name is Kanjuro Kurozumi and since the death of his parents he doesn’t care who he serves, as long as he’s finally allowed to die! So not only had he ruined Tonoyasu’s clever plan of changing the meeting point, but it had also been him who had once given Jack his Vivre Card so that he could find Zou, which should have seemed suspicious to Inuarashi in his opinion. At that moment, three ships of the Beasts Pirates appear in front of the samurai’s small boat to sink it to the bottom of the sea. Enraged by this betrayal, Kinemon decisively draws his sword and cuts Kanjuro in half, but only the laughter of his former friend awaits him from the harbor, where the informer is surprisingly still staying. The figure on the rowboat, on the other hand, was only a drawing by means of his devilish powers, so that Kinemon and Co. now seem to be defenceless against their enemies…

Then Kanjuro suddenly hears a voice he knows, which seems to be approaching the flank of the 100-beast pirates, eager for battle. A cannon shot breaks and one of Kaidou’s ships is hit hard. In addition, a ship emerges from beneath the surface of the water, taking on the samurais, and another voice chides the swordsmen for underestimating the sea in such a way. Again, another voice seems to be approaching from the opposite direction, as a cannonball catches one of the 100-beast ships from there as well. Neither the Akazaya, nor Kanjuro, nor the Emperor’s men understand how exactly this could have happened, but at that moment the forces of the three former Supernovae Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Eustass Kid are building up before them with their ships intact and unharmed, ready to put their plan on Onigashima into action…!

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I received SixPad foot training equipment from my editor for New Year’s and it is really effective!

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