One Piece Chapter 973


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 21: “Gotti’s Counterattack”
Gotti attacks the naval ship where the captured Chiffon is to be taken.


25 Years Ago: After Kozuki Oden returns from his travels with the Roger pirate band, he tells his Akazaya about the powerful Minks from Zou. Among other things, he mentions that a time will come when these same warriors will be important allies of Wano Country.

20 Years Ago: After Oden manages to save his subordinates and is subsequently executed by Kaidou, they rush towards the castle to protect Toki, Momonosuke and Hiyori. There, however, the 100-beast pirate gang led by Kaidou himself has already arrived to put an end to the Kozuki family once and for all. Looking at the still weak Momonosuke, however, the emperor decides not to simply murder the boy, but to let him burn in the castle together with his family. Kinemon and Co. finally arrive at the scene, where Toki reveals to them that she will send them 20 years into the future by means of her devil powers, in order to participate in the battle prophesied by Oden. Hiyori, on the other hand, is taken away by Kawamatsu and thus made safe. After Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo and Momonosuke are sent away, Toki escapes from the castle to the town square of Bakura to promise the people that the Nine Akazaya will return to liberate the land!

This divination, combined with the fact that no proof of their deaths can be found for any of the samurais, makes Kurozumi Orochi fall more and more into paranoia.

Meanwhile, as Ashura Doji has retreated and Kawamatsu takes care of Hiyori, Denjiro hides in exile, dejected over her defeat. Months pass, and when Denjiro reappears, his appearance has fundamentally changed to a somber, weary-looking countenance. Showing up in the capital, he gamely takes out several yakuza, introducing himself to them as Kyoshiro. His strength reaches Shogun Orochi, who makes him his bodyguard and puts him in control of the notorious Yakuza Hyogoros.

A little later, Kyoshiro, as the so-called Ushimitsu boy, begins to distribute gold from the rich to the poor.

After seven years Hiyori finally escapes from Kawamatsu, whereupon she ends up as an orphan with the Yakuza. Kyoshiro, of course, immediately recognizes his princess and reveals himself to her as her former servant Denjiro. As Kawamatsu’s successor, he now wants to take over her protection, instructing her to call herself a Komurasaki and to live as such in the capital. However, she must never betray his secret until the day of the final battle, not even to her allies…

Oda’s comment

I’m still trying to figure out what flavors go best with red meat. I am currently experimenting with different types of salt.

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