One Piece Chapter 972


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates with their likenesses from the Hungry Days commercial.


20 years ago in Wano Country: Shinobu has just revealed the truth about the last five years of the “Idiot Prince” Kozuki Oden, which makes the spectators of the execution look shocked in the direction of the Daimyo still boiling in hot oil. While the populace is now back on the side of the Kozuki heir, it now seems long too late for that. Moreover, Kurozumi Orochi has every new advocate of Oden silenced immediately, which is why all inhabitants have to watch the execution in despair. Certain of his imminent death, Kozuki reveals his last wish to Oden: As he learned during his voyages at sea, it was once the Kozuki family who had closed the borders of Wano Country, because they had learned that in the future a “mighty power” would descend upon the land. But the prophecy also said that a certain person would appear in the future to save the world. By that day, Wano Country would have to become an open land again to receive their savior. Therefore, Oden wishes that his Akazaya would take care of that after his death…!

The minutes pass and to Orochi’s horror, Oden continues to live. Finally the hour is up, which means the lord has won the bet! But the Shogun had no intention of letting him and his followers live, so instead he positioned his men around the cauldron to turn the execution into a firing squad. With his last strength, Oden lifts the wooden plate with his Akazaya into the air and transports them out of the danger zone, so that they can save his family and free the country. As the samurai flee in tears, the town watches in great sorrow as Kaidou pays respect to Oden’s final moments by taking the execution into his own hands. He pulls out his pistol and fires…

Elsewhere, Toki is immediately informed of the execution, which is accompanied by a final letter from her husband. In it, he writes that there will be a great war in 20 years, but its protagonists will not appear on the scene until those same 20 years. They would be the ones who could defeat Kaidou, but until then Wano Country would fall into a long winter. Therefore, Toki would have to use her powers to make sure that the protectors of the land from today would be there in 20 years…

Oda’s comment

I found out what the mystery meat in Nissin’s Cup Noodles is! Interesting.
Nissin Foodshas been promoting their instant noodles with a One Piece ad campaign called Hungry Days, see also Chapter 944’s comment.

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