One Piece Chapter 970


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 19: “Bege and Vito are immobilized”.
Bege and Vito are attacked by the infected residents.


20 years ago in Wano Country: Kozuki Oden and his Akazaya have set out for the capital to overthrow Kaidou, but they are intercepted by him and his pirate gang on their way there. In the process, Kaidou now officially reveals that Oden once agreed to make the entire nation hate him, thus avoiding a death-dealing war in the country. Now, however, the great battle between the ten samurais and 1,000 pirates under Kaidou’s flag breaks out, with the young kunoichi and former subordinate Sukiyaki’s Shinobu surprisingly joining the Kozuki heir. All the enemies seem to stand no chance against the mighty swordsmen; only the main representatives can keep the samurais at bay, while Oden himself takes on Kaidou himself. The two engage in a long, fierce, and evenly matched battle, until Oden finally manages to inflict a gaping wound on the giant dragon with his “Togen Totsuka” technique, something no one has ever done before! When he then wants to give him the final blow, he suddenly hears his son screaming, who has apparently been captured by the pirates. Taking advantage of this carelessness, Kaidou gives him a powerful blow with his mace, though, whereupon it turns out to be a trick of Kurozumi Higurashi. After this setback, the Akazaya also gradually lose control of the fight, until ultimately all of them can be defeated and arrested, leaving behind a devastated battlefield in Udon.

Imprisoned again in the capital, it turns out that Oden was able to use a lie to ensure that Shinobu would not be captured. Instead, the latter now learns that the ten samurais have been sentenced to death. They are to be executed in three days in boiling water while still alive…

Oda’s comment

Horikoshi-sensei and I did a Shiny swap with our black Rayquazas at the New Year’s party. Sorry mine didn’t come out strong.
Kōhei Horikoshi (note: needs link) is the mangaka of My Hero Academia. Around the turn of the year, Shueisha usually holds a big New Year’s party, inviting the mangaka of their magazines, among others. As in previous comments, the topic is once again Pokémon Go

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