One Piece Chapter 968


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 17: “Save the Boss’s Wife, Gotti!!!”
Gotti takes up pursuit of the marines who just grabbed Chiffon.


25 Years Ago: After the Roger pirate gang completes their circumnavigation of the globe and Gol D. Roger is named Pirate King, the captain disbands his gang to protect his nakama from their now countless enemies. After being the first to leave the ship to meet with Edward Newgate one last time, the crew, led by Silvers Rayleigh, finally brings Kozuki Oden back home, the latter having decided that his subordinate Izou should remain with Whitebeard.

Arriving in Wano Country, Oden is joyfully welcomed by his family as well as the inhabitants of Kuri, who have learned to love the helpful Toki in the past. Oden’s Akazaya, on the other hand, seem rather glum and immediately ask their daimyo to talk to them. In the process, they reveal that Ashura Doji and Denjiro resigned their posts about a year ago.

Shortly before, Kurozumi Orochi had ascended to the throne on the ominous recommendation of the old shogun, whereupon he teamed up with a powerful pirate named Kaidou and built countless arms factories in Wano Country. Since then, he has forced all the men of the land to work in these very armories, and with Kaidou at his back, no one dares oppose him.

A short time ago, however, Orochi’s men attempted to assassinate the Kozuki heir Momonosuke, which was fortunately prevented by Kawamatsu and Inuarashi. Toki, however, was injured in the leg by an arrow during that attack!

Hearing this and Kinemon’s abject apology for their failure, Oden immediately rushes out of the castle, furious with rage, and heads for the capital. There, he gamely takes out the guards and in turn seeks out Orochi in his throne room. Though the Shogun begs for mercy, Oden inexorably draws his swords to summarily kill the schemer…!

Oda’s comment

The One Piece stage show at Jump Festa was even more impressive than usual. We’re going to do it again this year!!!
Jump Festa is an annual convention primarily centered around the Weekly Shōnen Jump titles. It is always held just before Christmas by Shueisha. Among other things, Jump Festa features stage shows where real actors take on the roles of One Piece characters.

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