One Piece Chapter 967


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates (featuring Jinbe for the first time) and the boy group Arashi. On January 03, 2020, the official music video for their new song “A-RA-SHI : Reborn” was released on YouTube to be promoted with this Color Spread. In the video, the band members of Arashi are seen as anime characters and have adventures with the Straw Hat Pirates.


26 Years Ago: After visiting Skypiea and leaving thanks to Gan Fall, Gol D. Roger and his gang end up on Water 7 once again. Followed by stops on Tequila Wolf and the Sabaody Archipelago, the crew finally travels to Fish-Man Island. There they immediately meet the still young King Neptune, who is immediately worried that with the arrival of the humans a prophecy of the still young Shyarly concerning the demise of Fishmen Island might come true, but the mermaid reveals that this will only be the case with the birth of the princess. The pirates then visit the road Poneglyph, which has disappeared into the present and was still there at the time, right next to Joy Boy’s letter.

Thereupon, the Roger pirate gang continues on their way until they finally end up back in the waters around Wano Country, where the third road is stored. There, Kozuki Oden is already eagerly awaited by his subordinates, but the daimyo of Kuri decides to first complete the journey with Gold Roger to the end of the world before returning to his homeland as regent. His wife, children and the two Minks, however, remain behind on Wano Country.

After visiting Zou, and thus obtaining the last Road-Poneglyph information, the Roger pirates ultimately set sail for the final island of the Grand Line. Reaching it causes great turmoil all the way to Mary Geoise, but as Oden records in his journal, the legendary Gold Roger was left with only one reaction upon seeing the secret of Laugh Tale: he laughed out loud at the unraveling of the final mystery surrounding the connection of the Great Kingdom, its True History, the Mysterious D., as well as the Ancient Weapons, and wished he had been born in the same time as Joy Boy….

Oda’s comment

Happy New Year! My goal this year is once again to draw a lot of manga that will make everyone smile!

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