One Piece Chapter 966


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 16: “Chiffon Gets Caught While Getting a Haircut”
Chiffon is sitting in the barber store when two marines enter and hold up Capone Bege’s wanted poster.


26 years ago on an unnamed island: the pirate bands of legendary captains Gol D. Roger and Edward Newgate have just met again after a long time, with Kozuki Oden immediately going on the attack. After easily defeating some of Roger’s men, the future pirate king takes the fight into his own hands, immediately proving to Oden his superhuman strength, which even the samurai from Wano Country is no match for. That’s why Whitebeard himself finally confronts his archrival, whereupon the two gangs go into battle in their entirety. The battle lasts three days and three nights, but ends with both parties laying down their weapons and sharing the spoils.

While the crews are trading, the still-young Shanks and Buggy notice that the Whitebeard gang’s apprentice, Marshall D. Teach, hasn’t slept a minute in all these days, which is why they suspect he’s not human….

Elsewhere, Roger, Newgate and Oden sit together, the former reporting that he managed to follow the log port to the last island that can be indicated by this kind of compass – an island called Road Star! As he discovered there, however, this was not the presumed end of the world! Instead, he was able to learn that one can only sail on with the help of four red stones called Poneglyphs, but their inscriptions consist of the ancient symbols of Wano Country. When Oden reveals that he can read the old symbols, Gold Roger asks Whitebeard to let him take Oden on his ship for a year. Although Whitebeard is absolutely against it, Oden also wants to sail with Roger for a year in order to get to the bottom of the secret of the Poneglyph.

In the following year, Oden learns, among other things, that this will be Roger’s last crossing for health reasons. Together they finally reach Skypiea, among other places, where Oden leaves a message for his new captain in the poneglyph of the golden bell of Shandora…


  • Roger tells Oden and Whitebeard of his hunch that there must be a massive treasure hidden on the last island of the Grand Line, Laugh Tale. Roger then exclaims something that is hidden from the reader. The manner is very similar to a scene from Chapter 585, when young Luffy also calls out something unknown, leaving Ace and Sabo as baffled as Whitebeard and Oden are at Roger.

Oda’s comment

Looking back, it was a fun year. I will do my best again next year. Happy new year!

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