One Piece Chapter 965


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 15: “Stop rioting here. You’re going to expose us.”
The Fire Tank Pirates defeats the Germ Pirates.


30 years ago on the high seas aboard the Moby Dick: After Oden learns from Toki that she is from the past, he wants to know where she was born, but she only knows that her parents came from Wano Country, which is why she wanted to visit this place so badly. Now, however, she reveals to Oden that it is also enough for her to always stay by his side….

28 years in the past: After two years at sea with the Whitebeard pirate gang, Oden and Toki have become a couple and are now enjoying their first child: a son they name Momonosuke. At this time, Edward Newgate decides to divide his ever-growing crew into divisions, putting Oden in charge of the 2nd division.

Meanwhile in Wano Country: The four remaining daimyo have gathered in the capital, as Shogun Sukiyaki has fallen seriously ill. Should he return one day, he wants his son to succeed him on the throne, but until then he decides that Kurozumi Orochi should rule by proxy, which especially makes Shimotsuki Yasuie wonder…

A flashback: Before his employment in Hakumai, Orochi sought out an old fortune teller. She told him the story of his ancestors. Thus, the five daimyo were once provided by the five most powerful families of Wano Country, the clans Shimotsuki, Kurozumi, Uzuki, Amatsuki, and Fuugetsu. Since the shogun of the Kozuki family at the time had no children, the daimyos rivaled for succession to the throne, with Orochi’s grandfather eventually killing all of his opponents by poison. However, that was when Kozuki Sukiyaki was suddenly born, so the Kurozumi family’s plan failed. Eventually, the murders were uncovered, Orochi’s grandfather was sentenced to suicide, and his family was stripped of all their possessions. Hearing this, Orochi now blamed Sukiyaki for his family being ostracized. Finally, to get revenge for this, the fortune teller offered him a new plan: As she revealed, she possessed the powers of the transgender Fruit and was also in possession of the Snake Fruit, model: Yamatanoorochi, which she passed on to the Kurozumi heir. The latter would first use Wano Country’s exceptional weapon-making skills to seek out powerful allies to protect him…. Some time later, Oden appeared with Orochi at Sukiyaki’s house and asked to let his protégé work in the palace, seeing in him a brother. In truth, however, it was the transformed old fortune teller….

Back at the meeting of the daimyo 28 years ago: Shortly after the meeting, it turns out that the seemingly ill Sukiyaki is actually the fortune teller as well. A short time later, the death of the shogun is announced…

Twenty-six years ago: Oden and Toki now have two children and are still living aboard the Moby Dick. That’s when they reach an island where something seems to be going on that all the animals are fleeing from. As it turns out, a fight between the navy and the Roger pirate gang is responsible for this, but one that the pirates easily won. When Gol D. Roger is informed that Whitebeard’s men have also docked on the beach, the captain is already excited about the reunion…


  • The island with the giant palm trees, where the Roger and Whitebeard pirates happen to meet, has already been seen on the Color Spread of Chapter 140.

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