One Piece Chapter 963


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 13: “The Germ Pirates Attacks the Land While the King Is Away.”
The Germ Pirates has landed on Dress Rosa and is ready for battle.


33 years in the past: On the island of Zou, the stories of the old friendship between the Minks and the samurais of Wano Country are told over and over again, which also inspire the still young Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, among others. So one day they decide to leave and go to sea, eventually sinking off Wano Country and washing up on Kuri beach. There, in turn, the young fish-man Kawamatsu finds them, when they are joined by some locals as well. Frightened by the strange creatures, they tie them to three stakes and are about to kill them when, by chance, Kozuki Oden also notices what is happening. He immediately rescues the three newcomers from the inhabitants, whereupon they follow the Daimyo to his home. Gratefully, they also join his entourage in the end.

One day, as the castle’s finances draw to a close, Oden’s subordinates secretly go to Hakumai to steal from Shimotsuki Yasuie, but are caught in the process. To their astonishment, however, Yasuie gives them the money, but with the stipulation that they invest it in education and dignified clothing, as they would one day be the samurais of Shogun Kozuki Oden and must not under any circumstances bring shame to their master’s name.

Three years later, Kuri’s company announces a visit to Shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki, who is said to be ill. To the surprise of all the capital’s inhabitants, Oden’s entourage appears extremely awe-inspiring during this visit, and Sukiyaki himself is amazed at his son’s transformation. While Kurozumi Orochi secretly observes the two, it is said that this was the last time that the two talked…

That same year, Whitebeard’s band of pirates reaches Wano Country and docks in Kuri with a badly damaged ship. While there, Whitebeard senses the presence of an enormously powerful man. The man is Kozuki Oden, who immediately took off when he heard of the pirates’ arrival. Before his subordinates could follow him, he has already reached the beach and attacks Edward Newgate with a powerful clash of their weapons. Laughing, he begs the future emperor to let him join his crew…!

Oda’s comment

Chama-kun, I kept my promise from 20 years ago! The Bump of Chicken concert was great!
Chama is the nickname of Yoshifumi Naoi, the bassist of the Japanese rock band Bump of Chicken. The band was responsible for, among other things, the theme song for the 4th movie The Dead End Adventure and the music for the Hungry Days advertising campaign (for that, see also commentary on Chapter 944).

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