One Piece Chapter 962


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 12: “We discover a drunken kissing sucking devil and his pursuers.”
Vito discovers that a drunken Kyuin is taking out a Marine unit with her suck-in kisses.


Hakumai, Wano Country, 39 years ago: Kozuki Oden is still living in exile with Daimyo Shimotsuki Yasuie, but has since decided to go on a long journey across the land for adventure. In doing so, he wants to head towards Kuri, which at the time was a gathering place for criminals and ruled by the powerful Ashura Doji. Shortly after he takes off, Yasuie’s men report that money has been stolen, with Kurozumi Orochi stating that he witnessed Oden stealing it. Yasuie, however, obviously doesn’t believe this accusation….

Meanwhile, Oden has made good progress, with Kinemon and Denjiro following hot on his heels. In the style of a pirate, the son of the shogun has decided to keep a log of his experiences. From this log you can see, among other things, whom he was able to gather around him in the following time: In Ringo he meets the homeless brothers Izou and Kikunojo, in Kibi the thief Kanjuro and in Udon the ninja Raizo, who had broken away from the Oniwabanshu shortly before. In the end, they all join Oden’s charisma.

One day, the heir of the Kozukis secretly sets out alone on the last leg of the journey to Kuri, where he is immediately met by the bandits there under Doji. Although his comrades-in-arms soon hurry after him, they discover that Oden has already defeated all of his opponents, including Ashura himself, in a battle that lasts all night. In turn, he appoints himself as Kuri’s leader!

Over the next few months, Oden finally brings peace to Kuri under his rule, and also makes the region prosper economically. Due to these merits, Shogun Sukiyaki finally accepts his son back into his family and appoints him the official daimyo of Kuri.

Six years later, 33 years in the past: After being devastated on God Valley a few years ago, the former members of the Rocks Pirates begin recruiting their own crews. At the same time, two young Minks wash up on the shores of Kuri and are found lying there by Kawamatsu…

Oda’s comment

To celebrate Oden’s appearance, I kept making Odes (disambiguation) while working on the sides. I put a lot of beef tendon in it.

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