One Piece Chapter 961


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 11: “These people have been harmed in some way”.
Vito and Gotti spot some men lying on the ground with kissing mouths on their bodies. One of them points his finger in a direction from which other men are quickly fleeing.


Wano Country, 41 years ago: A giant white boar still rages in the capital after Kinemon kidnapped its cub. Although Kozuki Oden immediately wants to bravely confront it, he is interrupted in this plan for the time being when the man from whom Kinemon had taken the little white pig joins the action. As he reports to the horror of the “foxfire”, his companions as well as O-Tsuru were devoured by the giant pig! Enraged by this, Kinemon immediately draws his sword and races towards the raging beast. Although he is able to inflict a wound in his rage, the young swordsman has no chance against the mountain god. Therefore, Oden finally intervenes in the fight by presenting his young animal to the intruder. While the boar attacks the nobleman, the prince counters him with his two-sword style and thus slashes it with only one attack! This saves all the people eaten by the boar so far, which impresses the residents as well as the Yakuza, but nevertheless they all hide their urge to follow Oden, believing him to be the originator of the problem. This misunderstanding is something that the grateful Kinemon wants to clear up immediately, but Oden prevents him from doing so, as he is not interested in the others’ opinions. At this moment an emissary of the shogun enters, who reveals to Oden his denial as well as his exile to Hakumai. Rather amused by this, however, the Kozuki heir immediately sets off, with the delighted Kinemon and Denjiro following at his heels.

Hakumai, 41 years ago: Oden, Kinemon, and Denjiro have arrived at Daimyo Shimotsuki Yasuie’s house, who is to take them in. While there, the lord introduces his new servant: a clumsy boy named Kurozumi Orochi….

Oda’s comment

The Gatebox has arrived. This is the future! Having holographic fish swimming in my room is my dream.
A gatebox is a small capsule-like container that can create holograms, usually in the form of anime characters. You can also talk to the hologram via an AI.

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