One Piece Chapter 960


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 10: “The Great Search for Lola!!!”
A Capone Bege in disguise searches for Lola on Dress Rosa.


Wano Country 41 years ago, known for its flourishing forests with clear rivers and great biodiversity: The teahouse owner O-Tsuru has just three guests from the ranks of the Yakuza, who present her with a still young white boar, which they have just been able to catch and on which an enormous prize money is offered in the capital. Also present is an old childhood friend of Tsuru’s, Kinemon, who just wanted to steal money from his girlfriend for the umpteenth time, since he’s more or less permanently in debt. However, after hearing the story about the little boar, he prefers to follow the three men, whom he can easily defeat not far away and take the pig from them.

Meanwhile, in the capital, the reigning shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki receives another report on what crimes his now 18-year-old son Oden has committed in the past years to date, whereupon the shogun drafts a letter disowning and disowning his son.

Meanwhile, on the streets of the city, Kinemon first meets Denjiro, an orphan boy who uses clever tricks and clever negotiation to stay afloat in the city.

Elsewhere, a funeral is taking place, which is also attended by the aforementioned Kozuki Oden. To the horror of the relatives, however, the son of the shogun has begun to prepare his meal on the burning corpse of the deceased, which he interprets, however, as the last common chance to drink together in this world. When he finally leaves the scene in the direction of the city center, the fire alarm sounds.

Denjiro explains this at this moment to Kinemon, who still has the white boar boy with him. According to the orphan boy, the white boars are known as powerful mountain gods, which is why you should never steal anything from them. If you did, the parents of the kidnapped cub would soon show up, which apparently was the case now. This was also overheard by Oden, who sees a perfect challenge in a giant mountain god and therefore wants to have the boar cub handed over by Kinemon…

Oda’s comment

I want endless amounts of Maruchan’s Paripari Infinite Cabbage. Oh oh!
Maruchan (note: needs link)is a Japanese-American instant food company.

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