One Piece Chapter 959


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 9: “Entering Battle-Scarred Dress Rosa!”
Capone Bege, Chiffon, and Petz enter Dress Rosa, which is still heavily scarred from the last fight with Donquixote Doflamingo.


Wano Country, two days ago: Seven of the Nine Akazaya, as well as their more than 4,000 men are ready for the final battle and are therefore on the move to the appointed port. This also applies to the Yakuza, who are responsible for the weapons, and also the craftsmen on the coast have the necessary ships ready on time.

At this moment the Straw Hats as well as the Minks want to leave the village of Amigasa, when Luffy stops for a moment. He thinks of Jinbe, who still hasn’t shown up, although the fight against the Big Mom pirate gang must obviously be over due to Charlotte Linlin’s presence…

In Ebisu, on the other hand, Holdem has marched in to take revenge for the food Luffy stole. O-Tsuru takes care of him in order to appease the headliner and thus buy time for the rebels…

One day later, however, troops of Kurozumi Orochi set off to various important points, among them the hideout of the Thousand Sunny, all bridges leading to the planned meeting point or even the harbor itself, in order to destroy them, since the Shogun has learned of his enemies’ plan from still unknown sources!

Back to the present: Kinemon and Co. are still standing at the destroyed and completely abandoned harbor, but still want to leave, even in their crushing outnumbered state, to get to Onigashima and go into battle. While Momonosuke does not want to allow this, the samurais tearfully make it clear to him that there will be no second chances. Kinemon reports that all of the allied villages have been attacked and burned to the ground as they covered for the Akazaya, including his wife’s whereabouts. Therefore, it was now time to stand up for their benefactor Oden, if necessary to the bitter end, because their lord had once revealed to them that there was a reason for the isolation of Wano Country! But this reason would only be revealed in the future, when it would be time to open the borders…

41 years ago: At that time, Kozuki Oden was still notorious as a charismatic, but also arrogant man, who didn’t think much of his homeland, but preferred to sail on against all laws…


  • Luffy’s samurai armor can already be seen on the color spread of Chapter 310.
  • The Weekly Shonen Jump version of the chapter stated that the flashback regarding Oden Kozuki took place 39 years ago, however this was later officially corrected to 41 years ago via Twitter and in Volume 95.

Oda’s comment

To draw the festival scenes, I listen to traditional festival music from around the country. I haven’t had a candied apple (note: needs link) yet this year!

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