One Piece Chapter 956


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 7: “Hey! If it isn’t Lola! So you really did find a husband!!!
Chiffon, who has entered Rosa’s shores with Bege Dress, is mistaken for Lola by a strange man.


Fish-Man Island, the Kingdom of Ryuuguu: Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp has escorted King Neptune’s family back home after the end of this year’s Levely. Before he has to head back out, however, he wants to share with those in attendance something that was decided after the conference and concerns the Kingdom of Arabasta. Before he begins his remarks, however, “the Fist” asks that the people not be hated for their decision….

Meanwhile, at the WWZ publishing headquarters, Morgans is directing his staff to publicize all the news of the Levely, especially the news of a death, when Attack approaches him with a letter from the world government. This contains an enormous financial offer to keep some information from the past few days secret, but Morgans refuses. That’s when the messenger reveals that he’s actually a government official in disguise and immediately pulls out a gun. Quickly “Big News” can eliminate the attacker, however, whereupon he wants to keep nothing more secret…

This news spreads rapidly all over the world, including to Momoiro, the headquarters of the revolutionaries: apparently, the newspaper also mentions Sabo, and those present, Emporio Ivankov, Monkey D. Dragon, Koala and Belo Betty, are completely horrified and full of grief…

Similar reactions are shown by King Sterry, Makino and Dadan in Goa, whereas Donquixote Doflamingo in Impel Down as well as Blackbeard on Pirate Island are rather amused by it.

Meanwhile, Koby is on the high seas with his fleet, communicating via Den-den Mushi. The man on the other end of the line is apparently in Wano Country and has just told the captain about the latest events concerning Luffy, Big Mom and Kaidou. The informant is none other than X. Drake, who together with Koby is apparently part of a secret marine special unit called “SWORD”. The news about the alliance of Charlotte Linlin and Kaidou as well as the presence of the CP0 on Wano Country unsettle Koby, but for the time being he has to do his job on Amazon Lily…

As it turns out, the Levely, at the urging of Kings Kobra and Riku Doldo III, has decided to abolish The Seven Warlords of the Seas system! Because of this, fleets are currently on their way to arrest Boa Hancock, Buggy, Mihawk, and Edward Weevil, as they are all now normal pirates again. None of the aforementioned seem to want to shy away from the naval units, though….


  • In the Weekly Shōnen Jump version of the chapter, Koby’s rank is incorrectly stated as Rear Admiral. In Volume 95, this has been corrected and Koby is still just Captain.

Oda’s comment

The summer live show of Glay was insane! Like a festival! Not that I’ve ever been to a music festival!
Glayis a Japanese rock band.

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