One Piece Chapter 955


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 6: “Let’s replenish our supplies on this island!”
The Fire Tank pirate gang reaches the shores of Dress Rosa.


Kuri, Amigasa Village: Kawamatsu has just revealed the news, to the shock of everyone present, that Princess Hiyori is still alive, but has remained in Ringo for her own safety for the time being. That’s when O-Kiku interrupts the conversation to tell Hitetsu that she was able to take the 2nd Generation Kitetsu from Luffy in Udon, who had taken it. Taking advantage of the situation, Tenguyama introduces himself again: A descendant of the great blacksmiths Kitetsu and Kotetsu, he is not only the swordsmith of the 3rd Generation Kitetsu, but also of the King’s Sword Ame no Habakiri, which he wishes to return to Momonosuke at this moment, but who does not feel ready to do so. Also in his possession is the king’s sword Enma, which now passes into Zoro’s possession in exchange for the Shuusui. When the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates wants to strike a first blow with it, he immediately separates a whole cliff from the rest of the land mass. To his astonishment, Enma has continued to force Zoro to unleash his armor haki, which the latter is able to recapture. According to Hitetsu, this is exactly why only Kozuki Oden himself has been able to wield this sword to date; anyone else before Zoro would have immediately used up all their energy trying and fainted. Zoro, however, immediately sets about training…

A little later, with three days left until the battle: as Nico Robin was able to find out, there will be 30,000 of Kaidou’s and Orochi’s men on Onigashima at the time of the festival. This, of course, exceeds the rebellion’s troop strength many times over…

While Franky is almost done making the insurgents’ ships seaworthy again, Luffy is still training his haki in Udon, and Zoro has also retired along with Momonosuke to better control his new weapon.

One day later: Two days before departure, Luffy and O-Tama finally arrive in Amigasa. Counting his men, Kinemon regretfully realizes that the alliance will probably have to do without the support of Denjiro, Nekomamushi as well as Trafalgar Law, and the prisoners in the capital will probably not be freed in time either. Nevertheless, Kinemon still wants to march in two days…

The day before the battle: The Akazaya present take their leave of the Straw Hats for the time being to take up their position. Luffy and co. then plan to join them at the harbor….

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Wanda, Carrot, and O-Toko have created graves for Pedro and Tonoyasu so that their sacrifices will not be in vain.

While Zoro is making more and more progress in his dealings with Enma, Hitetsu approaches him. He reports that Enma must have accepted him because he is also in possession of the Wado-Ichi-Monji, which was made by the same great swordsmith, Shimotsuki Kozaburo, but who left Wano Country 50 years ago in violation of the law. At the same time, Luffy has also finally managed to use the technique of striking with Haki reinforcement without touching!

Unnoticed by everyone, however, Kurozumi Orochi has received new information in the capital: Udon seems to have fallen, the rebels’ meeting place has been moved, and Hiyori is alive and lingering somewhere in the north! With that, Act 2 ends…

Oda’s comment

Mewtwo Raid Hour will take place on September 17th (Japanese time)! As Shiny! Please don’t keep an eye out for me.
The comment refers to Pokémon GoSee also Oda’s comment from chapter 925. A Raid Hour is a regular event with rare Pokémon.

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