One Piece Chapter 952


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 3: “My Wife’s Wishes Are My Wishes, Too”
Bege goes along with his wife’s wishes and gets kissed on the cheek by Chiffon in return.


Ringo, Wano Country: Zoro has returned to Oihagi Bridge with Hiyori to reclaim his shuusui. He has just faced the thief Gyukimaru for a second duel, though the warrior monk quickly realizes that he stands no chance against the Straw Hats’ swordsman. But then Kawamatsu suddenly appears on the scene and interrupts the fight…

Meanwhile on Onigashima: The clash between Emperor Kaidou and Charlotte Linlin continues, causing the former’s subordinates to fear that the island will not withstand it. Queen gets a call from Babanuki in Udon, who tells him that all the insurgents have been locked up again and there’s no need to worry at the moment.

As it turns out afterwards, however, this was a lie, as Babanuki is under O-Tama’s control. Instead, the prisoners have agreed to fight alongside the rebellion out of gratitude to Luffy as well as to Chopper, who was able to cure all the poisoned ones. To that end, Hyo has already freed the yakuza leaders of all regions, who are also imprisoned in Udon.

When Raizo finally wants to report to Kinemon that 3,500 men have joined him, he learns from the samurai that he in turn has received the construction plans of Kaidou’s base on Onigashima from Shutenmaru, which he was able to steal from the capital years ago. The biggest problem now is that the alliance still has no weapons in their possession, so Kinemon immediately rides off to change this…

At the same time in Ringo: Hiyori is overjoyed to see her former protector Kawamatsu again and Gyukimaru also seems to know the “Kappa”. But suddenly some of Kaidou’s men come riding up, who want to get hold of Gyukimaru’s weapons, but have no chance against Kawamatsu. Nevertheless, the monk hastily takes flight, while he seems to shed tears of joy about the reunion with Kawamatsu…

Oda’s comment

I took a spinning class in the dark. I was so exhausted, it even affected my drawings. Whoa… ♩
Indoor cyclingis an endurance workout on stationary bikes.

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