One Piece Chapter 950


24. cover story: part 2: “I want to see my sister Lola again!”
Chiffon wants to be reunited with her twin sister Lola.


Wano Country, the prison mine of Udon: After defeating the guards, Luffy suggests to Eustass Kid to join forces for the further battles, but the “Captain” is not interested in doing so, as he does not want to trust anyone ever again. Together with Killer, he eventually leaves the battlefield. Meanwhile, while Chopper tries to nurse his captain back to health, the inmates of the mine have discovered that Luffy is also a pirate, causing their faith in their new leader to dwindle. With both Raizo’s and Hyo’s words going nowhere, Momonosuke ultimately interferes in the proceedings to speak to his subjects. It is only the sight of their still young prince that actually gives the prisoners new courage. Now that this has been accomplished, Kawamatsu in turn reveals that he is needed elsewhere for the time being, but will reunite with everyone in time for the final battle…

Meanwhile in Kuri: Shutenmaru has led Kinemon and Inuarashi to a large graveyard. It houses the graves of dozens of samurais who, ten years ago, didn’t want to wait for the supposed return of the Nine Akazaya and therefore went to Onigashima to fight. Not a single one of them stood even a slight chance against Kaidou and his forces, which is why Shutenmaru has been wondering ever since why it had to take 20 years for their saviors to return. Though Kinemon and Inuarashi have no answer for this, they assure their fellow soldier that there must surely be a reason for this, which they will soon understand. Believing this, Shutenmaru orders his men to leave for the big battle in eight days…!

At the same time outside the capital: Zoro has freed Princess Hiyori from the captivity of the Orochi secret agents and taken her to a forest on the outskirts of the city. The ninjas following him have just been defeated by him there. Now he wants Hiyori to take him back to Ringo so he can get his Shuusui back to take revenge on Orochi with during the final battle for Tonoyasu…!

Elsewhere, in the middle of the capital: Trafalgar Law is still in the hands of Basil Hawkins and X. Drake. The former wants to learn everything from the “surgeon of death” about his plan, but although Law seems to be wounded, he only meets his counterpart’s threats with a fearless smile…


  • The chapter title may be an allusion to a famous Haiku by Matsuo Bashō.

Oda’s comment

I’ve been watching a lot of P-Maru-sama’s Nackey series and Gerradon’s Kisaragi Marron videos.
P-Maru-sama and Gerradon are Japanese YouTubers.

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