One Piece Chapter 948


24. cover story: a successful escape, part 1: the fire-tank pirate gang sails the sea with the Tarte 25.


Wano Country, Udon Prison Mine: To further improve his Haki, Luffy fights his way through the guards of his prison one by one. However, Babanuki speaks up and asks the prisoners to turn on Luffy as well. To his astonishment, they actually do so, even though the rubber boy wants to free them, which they in turn explain to him by saying that they see no hope for freedom in Wano Country, considering Kaidou’s strength and Orochi’s power. Suddenly a voice sounds from the dungeon, which was never allowed to be opened by the guards. It’s Kawamatsu, who sees the day coming when everyone should know that the Nine Akazaya are still alive. The guards want to kill the samurai immediately, but at this moment Raizo joins the action, carrying the keys for Kawamatsu’s handcuffs as well as his sword. Freed and armed, the so-called “Kappa” defeats dozens of opponents with ease, whereupon he asks his comrades-in-arms to finally reveal their true identities so that the prisoners can regain hope. As a result, they too now understand that they are facing three of the Nine Akazaya, namely “Kappa” Kawamatsu, Raizo “of the Mist” and O-Kiku, the “Persistent Snow”, as well as the legendary yakuza boss Hyogoro! Babanuki immediately wants to report this shocking news to his masters, but O-Kiku reveals to him that he will have been silenced first…

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I thought “what’s so good about bubble tea?” But Gong Cha’s is super delicious!
Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink based on sweetened green or black tea. Gong Cha (note: needs link)is a tea drink franchise.

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