One Piece Chapter 947


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Wano Country, the Prison Mine of Udon: Luffy has just freed Hyo from his Exploding Necklace, which in turn makes the latter realize that the Straw Hat has already unconsciously mastered the ability to attack his opponent using Haki without touching him. As the old man predicts, he could even use it to stop Charlotte Linlin, who is furiously racing towards the rubber boy at this moment, but Luffy couldn’t remember how he used his new technique in the heat of the moment. As a result, he and Hyo are forcefully slammed into a wall by Big Mom, whereupon a chase through the prison eventually begins. Hyo reports that Haki is actually nothing more than a kind of invisible armor around his own body. If you enlarge it now, you can eventually hit your opponent without visibly touching him, which also makes the attacks much more powerful…

While Luffy runs a lap through the mine, Queen comes to in another place, who wants to use the moment of surprise against the Empress. Therefore he waits in his Zoan form on a hill until Big Mom finally returns. Without further ado, he jumps down onto her and ultimately destructively crashes his head onto hers. This blow, however, causes Linlin to suddenly remember everything. Fortunately for the horrified Queen, however, she then faints for the time being. Taking advantage of this, Queen’s men immediately place the Empress in dozens of sea stone chains in order to transport her to Onigashima as quickly as possible!

Shortly after the ship of the main representative has left, Luffy suddenly reappears on the scene, who in the meantime has also been freed from his necklace. Since there are no more serious opponents on the scene, he now wants to take control of Udon…

Oda’s comment

Yama-chan’s wedding announcement press conference and radio broadcast were absolutely perfect! Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!
Yama-chan refers to Ryota Yamasato (note: needs link)who is a Japanese comedian and TV and radio host. He and Oda have been friends for a long time, and Yamasato even dubbed the role of Donald Moderate in One Piece – Stampede. To celebrate the 500th episode of his radio show and belatedly for his wedding in June 2019, Oda has drawn a special illustration for his friend.

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