One Piece Chapter 942


Front page request: “Mont d’Or carefully selects cheese from the World Cheese Encyclopedia, while top-notch sommelier mice select wine from the World Wine Encyclopedia” by Hiyu


Wano Country, many years ago: The still young Kozuki Oden is a guest of the then Daimyo of Hakumai Shimotsuki Yasuie. He tells him that he expects Yasuie to become the successor of Shogun Sukiyaki in his place, which is why he wants to use the opportunity to go to sea against the prevailing isolationism…

Back in the present, Shimotsuki Yasuie is now known as Tonoyasu and is currently still in the capital tied to a stake to be executed. Before that, however, he said he wanted to apologize to everyone present: As he reports, it was he who had once designed the coat of arms to overthrow Kurozumi Orochi, which now caused all owners of the same to be arrested. For this failed plan he asks for forgiveness. Thereupon he changes the subject to Orochi himself, whom he calls a plague of the country because of his endless greed. The Shogun is already on his way to the square to carry out the execution himself, but for the time being he has to listen to Yasu speaking to his former followers as well as the members of the current regime. Thus, he reveals to the entire country that Orochi is a coward who only had all those people with the crescent sign arrested out of panic over the prophecy of his overthrow. Without the protection of Emperor Kaidou, he is helpless, he says. This especially shocks the soldiers present a lot. At this moment, the Shogun himself finally arrives on the scene and immediately points his rifle at Tonoyasu. In his last thoughts Tonoyasu reveals that he let himself be captured so that a guilty person would be publicly executed, which in turn would divert the suspicion of Kinemon as the leader of the Nine Akazaya so that he could continue to work on the common plan. With O-Toko, Zoro, and Hiyori now also arriving, the prisoner is shot, after which he falls lifeless to the ground…!

Oda’s comment

I took a day trip to Kumamoto for the Tokyo Girls Collection. Thank you so much for the invitation!
The Tokyo Girls Collection (note: needs link) is a biannual fashion festival held in various cities in Japan. For Chapter 921, Oda drew a color spread under the same title, featuring some women from One Piece. At the event in Kumamoto, a Pop-up retailwas specially opened based on that Color Spread, where the food was themed on the women and you could buy various merchandise, see also here.

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