One Piece Chapter 941


Color spread of the Straw Hat Pirates as they try to stop vehicles on a road in a desert to travel to different locations.


The capital of Wano Country: Fukurokuju has visited Kurozumi Orochi in his palace to tell him that a large forest fire has broken out in Kuri for unknown reasons. On the other hand, he reveals to his shogun that a person has been arrested who had long been presumed dead. Hearing the man’s name, Orochi immediately orders in horror that the person be executed today during Komurasaki’s funeral….

At the same time in the prison mine of Udon: Kaidou has just told Queen that Komurasaki has died, which shocks the main representative. Luffy, on the other hand, is rather unimpressed by this, and is already ready to fight Queen’s troops again…

Meanwhile, the aforementioned forest fire blazes in Kuri, which in turn forces Shutenmaru and his gang to head to Bakura.

As it turns out, this was exactly the plan of Kinemon and Inuarashi, who claim responsibility for the fire and want to try again in Bakura to convince Ashura Doji of their cause…

Meanwhile in Ringo: Zoro is still with Hiyori and O-Toko, whose house is being visited by Brook at this moment. The skeleton has come to tell Zoro that her friend Tonoyasu has been arrested! When O-Toko hears this, she immediately rushes off towards the capital to rescue her father….

There, Komurasaki’s funeral procession has already reached the cemetery, where in turn the precious prisoner Orochis, who is in fact Tonoyasu, has also been tied to a cross. Among the onlooking residents are the disguised Nico Robin, Usopp, Franky, Shinobu, Nami, Sanji, and Kanjuro, the latter revealing that Tonoyasu is none other than the former Daimyo Hakumai as well as Shogun alongside Lord Kozuki Oden himself! As Yasu awaits his execution on the cross, dozens of followers of the ancient nobility have gathered around him, pleading for his release, but the former leader still has his smile on his face. He now only wants to apologize for two things as well as deliver a message to Orochi, after which he can die laughing…!

Oda’s comment

I wanted to make that BE-BEN sound, so I bought a Biwa instrument. I can only play the hit song “Lemon” so far. Yeah, right!
It’s about the soundword “BE-BEN” (べべん), which Oda uses for imposing scenes on Wano Country instead of his signature “DON” (どん / ドン) as usual. A reader also picks up on this in the SBS to Volume 92. A Biwais a Japanese musical instrument, a pear-shaped short-necked lute.

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