One Piece Chapter 940


Front page request: “Bartolomeo made high-end candy figurines of the Straw Hat Pirates at a summer party and refuses to sell them to customers” by I Love Romeo


Wano Country, Ebisu Village: Insulted by Shinobu’s accusations that his crew betrayed their plan, Trafalgar Law has left the Straw Hats. The rest of the alliance, however, is still sitting with Tonoyasu, who reiterates that he wants to fight Shogun Orochi with the others. For now, however, he has some visits to make to the village to help those who have nothing. When asked by the Straw Hats, it turns out that Shinobu and Kanjuro don’t know who Tonoyasu actually is either, but he seems to be very popular everywhere, as he gives away everything he owns to the people. Through the stories of an old woman, it finally turns out that he is the father of O-Toko, whom he once had to sell to the capital, from where the girl now sends him all the money she earns.

Meanwhile, at the Udon Prison Mine: Together with Hyogoro, Luffy tries the new technique of using his Haki to strike his opponent without touching him, but so far without success. Eventually all the men are defeated, which is why the rubber boy has to wait until the next day to continue fighting. Hyogoro in turn uses this to ask his new comrade-in-arms why he wanted to fight Kaidou in the first place, where it turns out that the old man also knows Kinemon and Raizo from before. Just then the latter joins them, with him Caribou, who still wants to become Luffy’s subordinate. After a short explanation by Raizo, Hyogoro is finally aware of the situation as well, which restores his belief in a spark of rebellion. All the more he wants to be of use now, which is why he tells Luffy that most of Udon’s thousands of prisoners are not true criminals, but were imprisoned because they acted against Orochi. So freeing the prison would generate an enormous amount of comrades-in-arms. That’s why Luffy now wants to destroy the whole place on the spur of the moment…!

Meanwhile, Charlotte Linlin’s squad has finally reached the Udon mine….

Oda’s comment

Someone recommended that I watch the currently popular drama “Juhan Shuttai!” which is about the editorial staff of a manga publishing house. Since I work in the industry, many things hit me right in the heart.
Juhan Shuttai! by Naoko Matsuda is about a former Olympic judo competitor, Kurosawa Kokoro, who has to give up her sport due to an injury and starts working as an editor at a publishing house that publishes a weekly manga magazine.

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