One Piece Chapter 939


Front page request: “A spider crab cuts Jinbe’s hair at the bottom of the sea.” by Hiyu


Ringo, Wano Country: Zoro can hardly believe that he has met Momonosuke’s sister, who was thought to be dead, whereas she is beside herself with joy when the swordsman tells her that all her friends from the past are still alive and have indeed returned. As Hiyori tells it, only she survived the fire of yore, having been saved by Kawamatsu, who also raised her for the following years until they were finally separated 13 years ago. When asked by Zoro, the Kozuki daughter further reveals that the Nine Akazaya are Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, O-Kiku, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, Kawamatsu, Ashura Doji, and Denjiro! So now almost everyone is gathered for the final battle, but Zoro still sees a problem in the fact that the rebellion seems to have been betrayed, which is why one ally after another is now being arrested in the capital…

There, the Orochi secret agents have indeed already arrested dozens of those carrying the mark of the putch, presenting them with the Heart pirate gang as a deterrent, who have obviously been badly beaten up…

Meanwhile in the prison mine of Udon: Since Luffy has taken out all the guards with Haki without any problems, Alpacaman as well as a man named Madilloman, user of an Armadillo Smile, now want to take on the execution, but they can’t land any hits either for the time being due to Luffy’s new ability to see the immediate future. To Hyo’s confusion, however, the rubber boy doesn’t throw any punches at his opponents either, but always seems to stop his attacks short beforehand. The straw hat captain, however, explains to the former yakuza that he is trying to learn a new technique he once saw Sentomaru use, who could hit his opponents without touching them. From this, he in turn hopes to be able to better stand up to Kaidou in the next fight. Luffy’s story reminds Hyo of a fighting style from Wano Country, which leads to the swordsman becoming one with his sword and being able to cut iron or even the thinnest piece of paper at will. In order to be able to be of greater help to his rescuer, Hyo finally runs to Alpacaman and gives the 100-beast pirate a heavy blow, but without touching him…!


  • The chapter title is a reference to the Japanese proverb 老いたる馬は道を忘れず, Oitaru Uma Wa Michi O Wasurezu, which literally means, “An old horse doesn’t forget its way (anymore).” Oda has swapped the kanji for “horse” (馬, Uma) with the kanji for “leopard” (豹, Hyou), alluding to Hyogoro.
  • The technique Hyo reports is very reminiscent of Zoro’s Shishi Sonson.

Oda’s comment

It seems like I’m going to die an early death if I don’t start exercising, so I’ve set a goal to walk 30 minutes a day.

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