One Piece Chapter 938


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Ringo, Wano Country: Zoro has managed to deal a devastating blow to his opponent in a duel with Kamazo. After the enemy samurai goes down, however, his injury also brings the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates to his knees, which Gyukimaru in turn uses to leave the scene unmolested.

Meanwhile in Kuri: Kinemon has finally met with Inuarashi and his followers, with the dog mink revealing to the samurai that Orochi and Kaidou’s forces know about the secret sign to overthrow the shogun as well as the emperor, so all the residents are arrested with the Mikazuki.

This is what is happening in the capital at this very moment, which in turn makes Basil Hawkins and X. Drake for Nami and Shinobu is virtually impossible. Kyoshiro also observes the events from the red light district, with a subordinate informing him that Komurasaki’s followers are very angry with him, but the yakuza boss only replies that he is the one who lost the most by his actions.

Meanwhile in Ebisu, Nami, Shinobu, Sanji, Usopp, Franky and Trafalgar Law have taken refuge with Kanjuro for the time being, with the kunoichi claiming Law’s captured band of pirates have betrayed their plan. The former Supernovae is enormously incensed by this, but Kanjuro immediately quells the rising argument by saying that while this was their only chance at victory in the past 20 years, they couldn’t win without the strength of their new comrades-in-arms! Suddenly, the conversation is interrupted by Tonoyasu, who is carrying one of the pieces of paper with the secret sign in his hand. To everyone’s surprise he wants to take part in the final battle…

Back in Ringo: Zoro was taken in and bandaged by O-Toko and her guardian. Now that he’s woken up, he immediately wants to go in search of Gyukimaru again to reclaim the Shuusui, but no one knows where exactly he lives. Instead, though, Zoro could just walk across the armed bridge, which would definitely draw out the weapon collector to attack. Thanking her savior, the young woman wants to trust Zoro with a secret: It’s how she had to flee Orochi’s assassin in search of her older brother, who seems to have finally arrived back in Wano Country after 20 years. She introduces herself by name as Kozuki Hiyori, the sister of Prince Kozuki Momonosuke…!

Oda’s comment

Tis the season of delicious strawberries and editor changes! Thank you, Team Naikin and Osugi! Here’s to good cooperation, new Team Takano and Naikin!
Since 2008, Oda has been assisted by at least two editors, the first of whom handles the manga and the second of whom handles the other media. In this case, the outgoing editor is Suguru Sugita (Osugi), who had been in charge of media since January 2017. He will be succeeded by Takuma Naito (Naikin), who previously took care of the manga. Takano Ken, on the other hand, moves up to that position. An overview of all editors can be found here.

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