One Piece Chapter 937


Color Spread the Straw Hat Pirates as they plan new adventures with some maps and a globe.


Wano Country, Kuri, just before the border of Udon: Chopper, O-Kiku, O-Tama, Momonosuke, and Charlotte Linlin are still on their way to the prisoner mine to free Luffy, with Linlin continuing to think that she will get candy there. With the road almost completely covered, Chopper begins to worry about what will happen once the Empress finds out that there is no candy in Udon or she gets her memories back at the sight of Luffy….

Meanwhile in Udon: Luffy has already taken out dozens of Queen’s men using his haki, much to the amusement of the main representative. The rubber boy, on the other hand, is still not pleased with himself, as he still remembers Rayleigh’s haki as being much more powerful than his current own. As a result, while the Straw Hat Captain calls for the next opponents, Queen eats his sweets in peace….

At the same time in Ringo: On a bridge Zoro has met the thief of his shuusui, the weapon collector Gyukimaru. The latter, of course, does not believe Zoro’s claim to have met the legendary swordsman Ryuma and taken his sacred sword from him in battle, since Ryuma died centuries ago. Therefore, he attacks the Straw Hats’ swordsman again, with the latter being able to keep up without much difficulty. However, the cry for help of a woman and a child is heard from far away, which makes Zoro abandon his fight for the time being. The woman in need of help is little O-Toko, who is being brought to safety by a woman from an assassin of Orochi. He calls himself Kamazou and is armed with two large scythes. Shortly before he can reach his victims, Zoro intervenes and takes over the fight against the pursuer. While he parries the attacks of his new opponent, Gyukimaru comes along, who also wants to continue the fight against Zoro. This distracts the swordsman so much that Kamazou finally manages to ram one of his scythes through Zoro’s shoulder! Surprisingly unfazed by this, the Straw Hat takes the opportunity to take his weapon from Kamazou. Now equipped with three blades once again, Zoro delivers a devastating counter-attack to the assassin with his technique Rengoku Oni Giri…!


  • On the color spread you can see Zoro holding a card about swords. You can also see characters, apparently from Enma (閻魔) – that is, from the sword he will receive in Chapter 955 as a replacement for Shuusui.

Oda’s comment

Matsunojo Kanda’s Wano Country-Kōdan performance was glorious! He is a rare genius of traditional Japanese theater.
Matsunojo Kanda is a traditional Japanese storyteller, what is known in Japan as a Kōdan (note: needs link). In the course of publishing volume 92, Kanda rendered the story about Wano Country in this traditional style of storytelling, see here and here.

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