One Piece Chapter 936


Front page request: “Aokiji accidentally froze the ramen he was going to eat, prepared by Wanze” by Misato


Wano Country, the prison mine of Udon: Raizo has found his comrade-in-arms Kawamatsu, whom he now also has to free from his handcuffs and from his cell. At this moment, however, he is discovered by Kaidou’s men, which is why he is once again forced to hide for the time being. Meanwhile, Queen has sent for a sumo ring, as he wants to hold a tournament to execute Luffy and Hyo. For this very event, the two prisoners are fitted with Exploding Necklaces, which detonate should either of them leave the ring. In addition, their opponents outnumber them and are allowed to use weapons. In compensation, however, Luffy is stripped of his sea stone handcuffs. Watching this from afar, Raizo realizes that he must have stolen the wrong keys. Finally, the tournament starts, but as dozens of the guards rush Luffy, he simply uses his king shaki to take out all the enemies simultaneously and gamely. While the crowd is shocked, Queen finds Luffy’s skills rather amusing. Kawamatsu, on the other hand, hopes that the new guy won’t let the great Hyogoro die….

Meanwhile in the capital, Basil Hawkins and X. Drake have arrived at the bathhouse where Nami, Nico Robin and Shinobu are hiding. When the former unmasks and attacks them, Sanji, who has been invisible the whole time with the help of his Raid Suit, suddenly reveals himself. Together, the four successfully make their escape, with the Cook pointing out to the three women that he was able to figure out that the Heart pirate gang was captured in order to lure out Trafalgar Law. Therefore, he now wants to seek out the very same to help him….

At the same time elsewhere: Zoro has tracked the thief of his sword to Ringo, where he has now been able to catch him. The thief is a weapons collector who wants to return the legendary Shuusui to its rightful place. Looking at the large collection of weapons of his opponent, Zoro gets the idea to use them for the purposes of his own group, whereupon he attacks the thief without further ado…!

Oda’s comment

I’m completely out of shape and went for a health check. And you know what? They told me I was out of shape!

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