One Piece Chapter 935


Front page request: “Fire mice extinguish smoker because they think the smoke from his cigar came from a fire” by The Way of Nakahara


Udon, in the prison mine of Wano Country: The guards are in an uproar because someone has just stolen the keys to Luffy’s sea stone handcuffs. As it turns out, that someone was Raizo, who is now trying to find the rubber boy.

However, he is still in the presence of the old man Hyo, who has been harassed by a guard and headliner named Daifugo. With a powerful leap, the straw hat captain immediately goes to the Smile user and takes him out with just one well-aimed kick. While the audience is beside themselves that a prisoner has actually laid a hand on a guard, Kaidou’s next subordinate named Babanuki steps in. He has eaten from an elephant smile, which has caused a trunk to grow from his torso, from which he now sends out an explosive charge. This hits even Luffy painfully, as the straw hat cannot defend himself against it using Haki or his devil powers due to the sea stone handcuffs.

At that very moment, the guards announce that All-Star and Catastrophe Queen has arrived in person, whereupon Babanuki immediately arrives and reports to him that the Eustass Kid has escaped, the handcuffs have been stolen and now Luffy wants to escape, too…

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Usopp, Franky and Trafalgar Law have reached the starving village of Ebisu on the outskirts of the capital, where they had hoped to meet up with Zoro and Sanji, but neither can be found. Of the former, Tonoyasu tells them that his sword was stolen from him, which is why he stormed off.

Meanwhile in a bathhouse: Nami, Nico Robin and Shinobu have withdrawn for the time being, with the latter starting to tell an old story. This one is about Hyogoro the Flower, the former leader of the Yakuza of Wano Country. He was kind and therefore very popular with the people, but one day he succumbed to the new yakuza boss Kyoshiro, who in turn was part of Orochi’s entourage. After that, Hyogoro refused to serve Kurozumi, for which he was supposedly executed. Shinobu’s master at the time, however, none other than Fukurokuju of the Orochi secret agents, bowed to the Shogun. Because of this unforgivable betrayal of the Kozuki family, Shinobu left him one day.

Back in Udon, Luffy as well as Hyo could be arrested and presented to Queen. This in turn is observed from afar by Raizo, who is contemplating how to present Luffy with the saving key. That’s when the ninja is approached from a cell behind him. In it is his old comrade-in-arms and samurai Kawamatsu, wanted by Kinemon…!

Oda’s comment

When I woke up after finishing my chapter, my family kidnapped me and put me in a car! Huh? Hot springs?! Delicious food?! Yay, it’s the Health Land Spa!

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