One Piece Chapter 934


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Off the coast of Wano Country: The ship of the Big Mom pirate gang as well as the Charlotte family on it have apparently survived the fall from the waterfall and are now drifting in the waters around the land of the samurais. Together, they now discuss their next steps, as Big Mom herself was the only one to go overboard during the fall. However, since her Vivre Card is not on fire, it appears that she is at least alive. However, the pirates think it likely that their captain has been captured by the Beasts Pirates, in which case they will definitely want Kaidou dead as soon as possible. With King on guard, though, they’d have to find another entrance to Wano Country….

Meanwhile, back in Kuri, Chopper and co. have joined Big Mom on their way to Udon to rescue Luffy from the prison mine there, fooling the Empress into thinking there’s tons of delicious food waiting for them. O-Tama has just told her master Hitetsu of their plan so that he in turn can let everyone else know, but the swordsmith is absolutely not thrilled with the small group’s plan. After O-Kiku stifles the argument with Hitetsu, she turns her attention instead to the training Momonosuke, who emits loud battle cries as he exercises. When asked by O-Kiku, he reports that he was taught this by Zoro to increase his fighting spirit, but to the young prince’s astonishment O-Kiku has to reveal that he will have to refrain from such sounds in Wano Country in the future, as they would mean something different in the old Kuri dialect…

Meanwhile, elsewhere, in the northeast of the island: Nami, Brook, Nico Robin and Shinobu have escaped from the capital thanks to the distracting attack of the former and have now joined forces with Kanjuro. He in turn tells them that the man who struck down Komurasaki is currently Wano Country’s most powerful yakuza. He was given this position after defeating the one-time leader of the Kyoshiro family, called Hyogoro, the Flower. In preparation for the soon to be battle, Robin is able to reveal that she was able to find out when the Shogun will be heading to Onigashima, when the celebration will begin, what Kaidou will be eating, and how many men and weapons will be on site. Furthermore, Brook reports that in his soul form, he was able to locate a Poneglyph in the castle, but not a red one, which means that the Road Poneglyph on Onigashima must be with Kaidou himself.

Back in the capital at the same time: Sanji, Usopp, Franky and Trafalgar Law have also heard about the latest events. They also read in the newspaper that none other than the Eustass Kid is also in Wano Country, and that he recently escaped from the prison mine…!

There, in turn, is Luffy still, who at this moment, along with the old man Hyo, is being questioned about the Kid’s escape. Especially the latter is strongly harassed to give up information, but he doesn’t want to testify against his patron Luffy, who has given him his food and thus, in his opinion, would be more in line with the samurai’s and the yakuza’s sense than Kaidou and Orochi, because as it turns out, this Hyo is the former leader of the Kyoshiro family: Hyogoro, the flower. Watching the torture by the guards, Luffy eventually takes the initiative and charges at Hyo’s tormentor. Just as he’s about to strike, a message sounds at the entrance that Queen, all-star and disaster of the Beasts Pirates, has arrived…!

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I went to a Donquixote store. What the hell?! They sell everything! I bought a lot of stuff!
Donquixote (store)is a Japanese discount store with a wide range of products.

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