One Piece Chapter 933


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Capital of Wano Country, the Shogun’s Castle: Kurozumi Orochi is raging with rage over Komurasaki. As a result, he is still in his eight-headed dragon form, which is based on the Cryptid Zoan power of the Snake Fruit, model: Yamata no Orochi. He opens up to the Oiran to spare her life should she beg for it on her knees, but when the proud woman refuses, Orochi begins rampaging throughout the castle. Eventually, he gets hold of Komurasaki with one of his mouths in the process, which is why O-Toko asks Nico Robin to help her mistress. However, she has already been surrounded by the Orochi secret agents. Then Brook suddenly intervenes in the action, who in his soul form causes great confusion among the enemies. All this is secretly observed by Nami and Shinobu, who are hiding in the attic. When they decide to intervene, they are surprisingly unmasked by another ninja, but they are able to escape it due to Shinobu’s ninja arts. However, those same ninja arts also cause the ground beneath them to collapse, which eventually lands on Orochi’s heads. This in turn leads to Komurasaki escaping the clutches of the shogun, when suddenly Kyoshiro appears in front of her. Deciding on the spur of the moment, he whips out his sword and slashes the Oiran with lightning speed! To the horror of the onlookers as well as Orochi’s protests, the Yakuza responds that his act was the mercy of a samurai, as Komurasaki had committed a serious crime by resisting the shogun. Contrary to this seemingly unwavering loyalty, Kyoshiro secretly contemplates the symbol of Kaidou’s fall distributed by Kinemon’s followers…. Contemplating the lifeless Komurasaki, Orochi now turns his wrath on O-Toko and Nico Robin, prompting Nami to whip out her Climatic Pole. With this, she unceremoniously summons Zeus, whom she gives a Weather Egg to eat. Based on this, the Straw Hat Pirate launches her attack “Ninpo: Raitei”, which causes the entire castle to shake in a massive lightning bolt…!

The next morning elsewhere: Chopper and co. have taken the memoryless Charlotte Linlin to Okobore, where they give the hungry empress something to eat. Since she likes the food, they tell her she has to come with them to a place called Udon, where there are more of the goodies…

Oda’s comment

Finely chopped cabbage with shio kombu and sesame oil. I eat tons of cabbage because it’s so good!
Kombuis an edible seaweed consumed mostly in Northeast Asia. Shio Kombu involves boiling the seaweed in soy sauce and other ingredients, drying it, and cutting it into strips.

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