One Piece Chapter 932


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Wano Country, Kurozumi Orochi’s Castle: While the Shogun’s celebration is in full swing, Nico Robin was caught sneaking through the castle by the Orochi Oniwabanshu, Orochi’s bodyguard. Their leader gives the pirate a chance to tell him the truth about her identity and intentions, with Robin stating that she is the so-called Ushimitsu boy and is about to steal from the Shogun again. When the ninja try to arrest the intruder for this, however, it turns out to be just a doppelganger Robin created using her devil powers.

The real Robin is already back in the banquet hall, where she tries to talk to Orochi about Onigashima, but is interrupted by the Shogun, who overhears Kyoshiro talking about sending the Flying Fighters to eliminate the unknown noodle vendor. This in turn reminds Orochi that Toki, Kozuki Oden’s wife, once prophesied that this year would be the Year of Vengeance, in which Oden’s nine most powerful followers would return to overthrow Kaidou and Orochi. The mighty Shogun seems to actually believe in this legend, and is growing increasingly concerned due to the events of the last few hours, which have been marked by several powerful and hostile invaders at once. Everyone else present, however, thinks nothing of Toki’s prophecy and sees Kaidou as invincible. In order not to anger their regent, everyone present tries not to laugh at his fears, but little O-Toko is ultimately unable to control herself. This enrages the Shogun, who wants to execute the little girl, but to the shock of all spectators Komurasaki suddenly intervenes by slapping Orochi in the face! The latter then transforms into his eight-headed dragon form, while Robin tries to get O-Toko to safety. At that very moment, however, the Orochi secret agents show up, who are looking for the fugitive Straw Hat Pirate…!

Oda’s comment

After hearing so much about it, I started watching the Japanese TV drama series Unnatural (note: needs link). It’s so good! And disgusting!

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