One Piece Chapter 931


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In the capital of Wano Country: Sanji still faces Page One, against whom he now plans to put his Raid Suit to use. Although he still despises the Germa 66, he thinks it possible that their science will help him save the country’s population. When he finally opens the Germa weapon, his body is unceremoniously covered by a black suit, which Trafalgar Law in turn immediately names the so-called “Stealth Black”, based on tales from the Northblue. Rejecting the Germa Army’s naming, Sanji prefers to call himself “Soba Mask”, as which he immediately wants to test his new abilities. In doing so, he immediately discovers that he now possesses superhuman speed. Page One learns this only a moment later, when one of his attacks misses, but the Zoan user has to take a hard counter-attack from Sanji. Those present continue to notice that Sanji seems to have been invisible, which Law explains by saying that the number 3 Germa’s suit adapts itself to its surroundings, which in turn makes the user invisible. Before the Cook can rejoice that this is one of his greatest dreams come true, Page One is already back on his feet, whereupon the Spinosaurus Man sends his opponent through several buildings with a well-aimed blow. Sanji, however, survives this almost unscathed thanks to his Raid Suit. While Page One, on the other hand, is already certain of his victory, Law, Franky and Usopp continue their way out of the city, as Sanji wanted, when it is suddenly revealed at their backs that the cook of the Straw Hats has taken to the skies in a flash, and from there has descended powerfully on Page One…

Simultaneously in Shogun Orochi’s castle: Nico Robin has sneaked off to look for Kaidou’s porne glyphs when she is caught and confronted by a group of ninjas. These introduce themselves as none other than the Orochi Oniwabanshu, an elite ninja force charged with protecting the Shogun himself. At this moment, the leader of the Orochi secret agents, Fukurokuju, speaks up, wanting to give Robin one chance to explain their actions…

Meanwhile, in the Kuri Principality, Chopper, Momonosuke, O-Tama and O-Kiku have gone to the beach, where they find a large, lifeless-looking person. To Chopper’s horror, this same person is Empress Charlotte Linlin, who apparently narrowly survived falling into the waterfall. Before Chopper can decide what to do with the unconscious woman, Big Mom wakes up again. But the reindeer is shocked to discover that the empress seems to have lost her memory…!

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