One Piece Chapter 929


Color Spread the Straw Hat Pirates as Ninjas.


In the capital of Wano Country: Franky talks to Minatomo about the blueprints of the Onigashima estate, which he has long wanted to examine. However, the master craftsman tells the cyborg that he pawned those very blueprints ten years ago. Furious that he’s been on the wrong track all these weeks, Franky immediately rushes out to find the buyer, but after a long line of previous owners, he ultimately only learns that the blueprints are supposed to have ended up in Kuri.

Via Den-den Mushi, Franky finally reports this to Kinemon, who, however, wonders who in Kuri could use these blueprints. As a hunch seems to creep up on him, it is revealed that Inuarashi and the other Minks are also with him. They’ve just stolen food and weapons from Kaidou, and left a message claiming that Shutenmaru is the culprit…

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the country: Zoro, separated from Luffy and the others, has encountered a strange man on his way. This same man is leading him back towards the capital as we speak.

Simultaneously at Shogun Orochi’s castle, the CP0 has traveled to Wano Country to meet with the regent. With Donquixote Doflamingo out of the way, Orochi now wants to negotiate directly with the world government for weapons supplies, but he demands access to Dr. Vegapunk’s research! This demand appalls even the CP0, but at their protest, the Shogun suddenly pulls out a pistol and shoots one of the agents. Although he seems unharmed, Orochi makes it clear that with the Samurais and Kaidou behind him, he has no fear of the World Nobles or the Navy.

The meeting is suddenly interrupted when the food requested by the Shogun and the most beautiful geishas of the country arrive, among them Komurasaki. Joyfully excited, the Shogun already starts a first celebration before the great festival begins next week, while outside the city walls his entire country withers…

Meanwhile, on the streets of the city, Trafalgar Law has sought out Sanji to warn him that Kaidou has sent two of his Flying Six, the six strongest stars of theirs, to kill him. These two are none other than X. Drake, owner of the powers of the Dinosaur Fruit, model: Allosaurus, and a man named Page One, devil-power user of the Dinosaur Fruit, model: Spinosaurus!

The two have just encountered Basil Hawkins, who is also in the area, on their way. When asked about his presence, the mage replies that he is following a certain person. Nevertheless, he is of the opinion that there is also something that interests the “Red Flag” even more than this mission…

Oda’s comment

I met Sanma Akashiya!! What a funny and cute guy!
Sanma Akashiya (note: needs link)is a Japanese comedian, TV and radio host and actor.

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