One Piece Chapter 928


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Udon, Wano Country: Hyo thanks Luffy for saving his life, whereupon the straw hat gives the old man some of his food stamps. Raizo then suddenly appears, explaining to his ally that he has located the keys to his sea stone handcuffs and is now trying to steal them. At this moment another prisoner approaches Luffy, who is none other than Caribou. The “wet hair” wants to join forces with the Straw Hat Captain, but he has no interest in doing so, instead referring the rookie to Eustass Kid. Caribou, however, does not trust the Kid, as it is said that he attacked the Empress Big Mom not so long ago, but lost his arm in the process and cowardly fled as a result. This same Kid overheard the conversation between the two pirates, whereupon he reports that he only fought one of Big Mom’s subordinates in Big Mom’s territory to get what he wanted. His arm, on the other hand, he lost in the fight against the redhead pirate gang…!

Meanwhile, in the capital, the Komurasaki parade continues, with three sinister figures already waiting for the Oiran. When they attack them, however, they are easily beaten down by their guards. As one of the three remembers, Komurasaki once claimed to want to live with him, which is why he sold all his belongings to be able to redeem her. He gave all of his assets to her for safekeeping, but when he went to get her, she revealed to him that she had spent all of his “gift” money, as they had never entered into a contract. In revenge, he and two other men who suffered the same fate now wanted to kill Komurasaki, but they have no chance against her guards. Instead, the Oiran continues their way with the words to only use men and to despise the poor people…

At the same time in Kuri: O-Tama seems to be healthy again and is watching Momonosuke train. When asked by her, the prince tells her about his sister, whose death could never be proven, unlike his mother. Therefore, he doesn’t give up hope that Hiyori might still be alive. However, a reunion would only be possible after the war against Kaidou and Orochi is won!

Oda’s comment

I was at the unveiling ceremony of the Luffy statue! I flew to Kumamoto and watched from the background. Thanks again!
The statue is a tribute to Oda, who donated a lot of money in the wake of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, see also commentary on chapter 903.

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