One Piece Chapter 927


Front page request: “Garp and a bear compete for salmon.” by Noda Skywalker.


In the capital city of Wano Country: Sanji, Usopp, Franky and Robin have joined forces in their undercover roles to secretly recruit allies for their revolution. To do so, the former has opened a noodle stand, which has become very popular with the residents. Suddenly, however, three men join them, introducing themselves as followers of the Kyoshiro family, which in turn is under the control of the infamous Yakuza Kyoshiro. They want Sanji to pay them protection money should he wish to continue running his stall here, but the Cook refuses. Because of this, the three of them begin to riot, causing them to spill a lot of food. Enraged by this, Sanji unceremoniously takes out the leader of the three, at which point Franky also intervenes and takes out another opponent. The confrontation has all the onlookers fleeing in panic, with only one little crying girl named O-Toko remaining, having waited specifically for Sanji’s noodles, which are known everywhere. Therefore, the cook hands the last portion to the child, which is why O-Toko gratefully invites the straw hats to the pageant of Komurasaki, for whom she works. She is supposed to be the most beautiful and therefore most influential Oiran of the whole country. Suddenly Nico Robin’s geisha teacher enters the scene, revealing to her student that she is one of the chosen ones invited to Shogun Orochi’s upcoming celebration…

Meanwhile, elsewhere: The third of the Kyoshiro gang has returned to his boss to tell him of the defeat. Kyoshiro therefore arranges for Queen to be notified so that he can keep the peace…!

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Orochi has just been told that the great Komurasaki is on her way to him, much to the Shogun’s delight. The latter’s silhouette reveals several dragon heads, like his namesake and Japanese mythical creature. Yamata no Orochi


  • A kamuro is a little girl (usually between the ages of five and twelve) who works for an Oiran, a Japanese Courtesan.

Oda’s comment

The soy dried meat and dried squid they sell at the Convenience store is too yummy!

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