One Piece Chapter 925


Front page request: “Perona and a group of black cats mix sangria from all of Mihawk’s wine.” by Noda Skywalker


The kingdom of Shickeahru on the island of Kuraigana: Perona is reading the latest newspaper, which reports that Gecko Moria is on his way with his zombie army. Delighted that her former captain is still alive, the “Ghost Princess” gets into an argument with Mihawk, which ends with her wanting to leave her new comrade-in-arms. The latter, however, only replies that this might not be such a bad idea, considering the other current events…

Meanwhile on the pirate island: Gecko Moria has invaded the “pirate paradise” with his zombies in a rage, screaming for Marshall D. Teach, on whose territory he apparently is. Avalo Pizarro, among others, gets wind of this and realizes that Moria can only be looking for his commander Absalom, who appeared on the island a few days ago. At this moment, Moria is indeed able to locate his subordinate, when he is suddenly attacked by an invisible figure with a sword. The attacker turns out to be Shiryu, who reveals to the horrified Moria that he has harnessed Absalom’s devilish power. The other Absalom, on the other hand, transforms in a flash back into Catharina Devon, who has eaten from a cryptid zoan and can therefore transform into a Kyuubi (note: needs link), which in turn gives her the ability to take on the form of others. She also takes this opportunity to confirm Gecko Moria’s concern that possessing Absalom’s power means that the very same is dead. Suddenly Blackbeard’s voice is heard from a Den-den Mushi, who immediately offers Moria to join his crew. This would be safer for him, considering the current events: For example, the Revolutionary Army on the Levely had started a battle against Admirals Fujitora and Aramaki on the fourth day, as well as the Straw Hat Pirates had infiltrated Wano Country, the realm of Emperor Kaidou, to which Empress Big Mom had now also made her way on top of all that. The “War for the Throne” had thus begun…!

Meanwhile in the principality of Kuri: A curtain opens the second act around Wano Country, which begins with two clashing blades. These belong to Ashura Doji and Inuarashi, who have apparently started a duel. Kinemon, of course, tries to stop this for the sake of his plan…

At the same time, Chopper is with O-Tama at their home to take care of the little girl. As they learn, Raizo has made it his mission to free Luffy…

Back at Kinemon and Co, Doji has indeed let go of his counterparts. Still, he shows no interest in joining forces with Kinemon, as he once swore allegiance only to Kozuki Oden personally, not to the entire Kozuki family. Therefore, Kinemon reminds him of his goal to liberate Wano Country, but Shutenmaru says he feels nothing but a great emptiness after the samurais have abandoned their country for 20 years…

Meanwhile on Onigashima: Jack has returned and tells the other two “disasters” of the Beasts Pirates, King the forest fire and Queen the plague, about the problems they had in Kuri with the invaders. The latter are not at all pleased about this and chide the “drought” for his failure. That a 1,000,000 berry pirate is being scolded before their very eyes makes his underlings tremble at the strength of King and Queen….

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