One Piece Chapter 924


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Wano Country, Okobore Village: Luffy’s fight against Kaidou seems to be over right after the Emperor’s crushing hit. The Straw Hat Captain now lies defeated on the ground with glassy eyes….

Therefore, Trafalgar Law wants to grab his alliance partner and retreat for the time being, when suddenly a projectile hits him in the arm. This in turn is a nail made of sea stone, which Basil Hawkins has hurled. According to the “mage”, sea stone originates from Wano Country, and only the local craftsmen are able to work it so delicately. Perplexed by this attack, Law finds himself at the mercy of Hawkins’ next attack….

Back at Luffy’s, Kaidou’s men are amazed that the intruder is even alive. However, the “strongest creature in the world” speaks up in person and corrects his subordinates that Luffy is not only alive, but staring at him so angrily all the time. At this moment Kaidou’s troops have to realize that Luffy’s blank look is not a sign of unconsciousness, but a harbinger of his King Shaki, which immediately brings everyone except Kaidou to their knees. Surprised that the rubber boy possesses the ability that the Kid also revealed not so long ago, Kaidou orders Luffy thrown into a cell for the time being. After his will is broken, he will become a useful part of his army. Since Kaidou says he feels sober again by now, he disappears again to continue drinking.

Basil Hawkins, however, wants to catch Law no matter what, since, as it now turns out, he was able to escape despite the sea-stone nail.

Elsewhere in the village, Kinemon secretly watches as O-Tsuru tends to an injured man. He also spots Shutenmaru, whom he recognizes as the wanted Ashura Doji. The latter is shocked to learn that Luffy has used the same ability that Kozuki Oden once had!

Meanwhile, at the ruins of the former Oden Castle: O-Kiku has immediately rushed to her allies, now finding that all are well. They were saved by Shinobu, who ate of the Ripening Fruit, which allows her to ripen and thus age all objects until they rot or collapse. This in turn allowed her to create a large hole in the ground that saved the Straw Hat as well as the Heart Pirates from Kaidou’s attack.

Somewhere at the edge of the forest of Wano Country: Inuarashi has found O-Tama. The little girl’s condition can’t be seen, but it enrages the dog mink beyond measure how Kaidou could do “such a thing” to a child…

At the same time in the capital: The newspaper spreads the latest news, including the news of Luffy’s appearance and his fight against Kaidou. The news also reaches Franky, Nico Robin and Usopp in their respective disguises, but although they are all delighted that Luffy has made it to the island, their faces soon turn to shock at Luffy’s current whereabouts…

The next day: In Kaidou’s weapons factories dozens of samurais have to slave away. In one of the factories there is also a cell whose inmate is supposed to eat a poisoned fish without bones like every day. Since no one knows who is actually in this cell, Kaidou’s subordinate in charge today refuses to go to the trouble of boning it. At this moment, the new worker is brought in, who is supposed to have turned against Kaidou. It is Luffy, whose gaze gives no hint of dwindling will. Insulted by his stare, one of the 100-beast pirates is about to attack the rubber boy when suddenly a fishbone comes flying out of the cell and hits the guard in the neck. After the guard has gone down bleeding, Luffy is hurriedly thrown into the mysterious cell, which he now shares with Eustass “Captain” Kid! Similarly battered as Luffy, both captains of the “Worst Generation” swear to make Kaidou pay for his actions…!

A curtain falls and the end of the first act of Wano Country is announced….


  • On the one hand, the chapter title refers to the identical verbal expressions of Franky, Robin and Usopp when they read the extra about Luffy. On the other hand, it could be a reference to Jo-ha-kyū (note: needs link), a concept for many Japanese arts, including Kabuki. Jo-ha-kyū could be translated as something like “beginning, pause, quickly”. The Wano Country Arc also seems to be based on a traditional Kabuki play and the Jo-ha-kyū concept.

Oda’s comment

I made pottery for the first time in my life. It spins on the wheel and warps. Then the teacher fixes it and it’s done! It’s mostly the teacher’s work!

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