One Piece Chapter 921


Color Spread: Shirahoshi, Tashigi, Perona, Nico Robin, Nami, Boa Hancock, Nefertari Vivi, and Charlotte Linlin are seen as part of the “Tokyo Girls Collection”, while only Luffy’s arm stretches inconspicuously across the entire image to catch his straw hat. Chopper can also be seen in the foreground acting as a supporter of the women.


Wano Country, the ruins of the former Oden Castle: The Alliance members who have already arrived are still sitting together to discuss the plan to overthrow Kaidou, with the decisive battle to take place during a soon-to-be-annual celebration in the Emperor’s honor, at which all of his men are expected to be quite drunk. Kinemon wants to take advantage of this surprise effect, so he has already prepared papers bearing the mark of the operation, which, distributed around the city, will make it clear to all their followers that their day has now come. The allies, in turn, would be identifiable by a Mikazuki tattoo on their ankle. In order to track down some of them, Kinemon had already sent Zoro and Usopp to the capital; Franky, on the other hand, started out as a craftsman’s apprentice to steal blueprints from Kaidou’s residence on Onigashima; and Robin has since been posing as a geisha to get closer to Shogun Orochi. Furthermore, Brooks and Nami’s special abilities will now be used to continue the plan, whereas Chopper and Carrot will join Inuarashi’s forces. Using his devil powers, Kinemon unceremoniously changes the clothes of his fellow soldiers and also calls in the female ninja Shinobu, who will fight alongside them. But before everyone takes up their positions, three very special samurais would have to be found whose strength supersedes that of hundreds of others! Their names are Ashura Doji, Kawamatsu and Denjiro…

Meanwhile in Okobore: The inhabitants, so richly endowed with food by Luffy, have just been attacked by a band of robbers under the command of the nationally known Shutenmaru. The latter is known for stealing from the Shogun himself and now plans to destroy all of Okobore. In doing so, he reveals a belief that all of Wano Country’s days are already numbered anyway. Just before he can raise his sword against an old lady, however, there is a great uproar in the village. This stems from the fact that Jack, the Drought himself, has suddenly appeared to oppose Shutenmaru. As the cryptid zoan user reports, Shutenmaru has only been spared so far because Kaidou wanted to win him as one of his subordinates, but completely unimpressed by the words of his powerful enemy, the samurai already starts to attack and, to the horror of everyone present, is actually able to inflict a large gash on Jack’s chest in a flash. Thereupon a short exchange of blows develops between the two feared fighters, when suddenly the sky begins to darken.

Not far away, Luffy, Kinemon, Trafalgar Law and Co. also notice this, so they head outside. There they are shocked to discover that a giant dragon has appeared from the clouds. When asked by the Straw Hat Captain, Law reveals that it is Emperor Kaidou…!

Oda’s comment

The new album is out and it’s already playing on continuous loop for me. Once again I’m talking about the great Mr. Children!
Mr. Childrenis a Japanese rock band that also contributed the theme song called “Fanfare” to the movie One Piece – Strong World.

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