One Piece Chapter 920


Front Page Request: “Sanji and Zoro fight each other even in their sleep,” by Goemon from Nara.


Wano Country, in the ruins of Oden Castle: Kinemon has just reported that he, as well as Kanjuro, Raizo, Momonosuke, and O-Kiku, are from the past, specifically the Wano Country of 20 years ago! As he now elaborates, their lord Kozuki Oden was once the son of the Shogun and Kuri was a place full of crime. A strong fighter even at a young age, Oden came to this area one day and faced the most notorious of villains. After he was able to defeat him, all the inhabitants obeyed his orders. Therefore, he taught them honest work, after which Kuri began to flourish, until Oden was finally awarded the title of prince.

Meanwhile, elsewhere: As the Straw Hats had already noticed, Zoro has apparently lost his way. Left to his own devices, the swordsman suddenly sees a harbour to which he wants to go…

Back with Luffy and co, Kinemon is telling the story of how their master Kozuki Oden was betrayed and executed by his shogun Orochi. Although this was 20 years ago by now, it was only a few months for the samurais due to their time travel.

That’s why they all remember how they rushed towards the castle after the execution to protect Oden’s wife Toki as well as the two children Momonosuke and Hiyori, but Orochi’s co-conspirator Kaidou had already guessed this and therefore had the castle set on fire. Nevertheless, the five fighters found their mistress with the two children alive at the foot of the castle when the lordess revealed that she had come from the past and had traveled into the future with the help of a devil’s power. However, this was now the end of her journey. After Kinemon had sworn to make Oden’s dream of an open Wano Country come true, Toki finally handed over her son into the hands of the samurais. Suddenly all the fire disappeared and the men found themselves in the ruins of their castle. Only slowly they understood that Toki’s story must have been true and that they were now in the future. Then four men approached them, who claimed to have believed the last words of their mistress, which was why they had waited 20 years for the return of the samurai to fight at their side.

As Kinemon continues, the men set out to recruit new allies shortly thereafter, but in the process they became separated and ended up on different islands. There, in turn, they met their current alliance partners one by one, which meant that they were now ready for their plan: In addition to the Straw Hats, the Heart Pirates, as well as the Minks, their allies from here would have been able to find other samurais who wished to rebel against Kaidou, however this was not to end in war. Instead, the goal was to bring down only the leader of their enemies. For this purpose, they would go to Onigashima, the residence of the emperor Kaidou himself, in two weeks!

Oda’s comment

Nachos are great! I eat nachos while listening to Japamyu and drawing Wano Country.
Japamyu (note: needs link) is an album by Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

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