One Piece Chapter 918


The Tales of the Self-Appointed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 45, Finale (Part 1): “Pleased to meet you.” Three captains of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet are seen with their flags: Cavendish of the Beautiful Pirates, Bartolomeo of the Barto Club, and Sai of the Happou Navy.


Wano Country, the city of Bakura: Luffy has devastatingly hit Holdem with his Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk, so that the headliner, to the horror of all present, goes down defeated after only this one blow. The rubber boy then grabs O-Tama and takes flight for the time being, along with Zoro, O-Kiku and all the stolen provisions. In doing so, he first tries this on Speed’s back, where it coincidentally turns out that O-Tama’s devilish power not only works on wild animals, but also Smile users…

Meanwhile, Basil Hawkins and Trafalgar Law are still facing each other at the city gate, the latter immediately creating one of his rooms to gain an advantage over Hawkins. When he finally swaps places with a stone by means of his devilish powers and attacks “the magician” with his sword in a flash, the latter again transfers his injury to one of his subordinates. Therefore, Law unceremoniously cuts up all the others present, which seems to visibly shock Basil. Defending Law’s next sword blow with his own straw sword instead, he suddenly gets an announcement on his Den-den Mushi. This in turn is that Holdem has been defeated by the invaders, which is why Jack has been informed. Hearing this, Trafalgar knows that his original plan is no longer viable when suddenly the supply wagon interrupts the fight. Driving through the crowds, he separates the two opponents, with Law sitting up with his allies.

While the “Surgeon of Death” complains loudly that the Straw Hats didn’t follow their instructions, the thieves arrive at O-Tsuru’s village, where they surprise the starving inhabitants with all the food. While they can hardly believe their luck, Luffy announces that he himself will make sure that the people of Wano Country will be able to eat as much as they want every day after his departure. These words, in turn, bring tears to O-Tama’s face, as Ace once made that promise to them as well. Trafalgar Law interferes again, revealing that their plan has failed. Therefore, they would now have to go to the ruins of the former Oden Castle to meet the “ghosts”. As Zoro notes, he was very surprised when he met them…

A look at the mountain in question reveals some tombstones. Written on them, besides Kozuki Oden, are the names Momonosuke, Kinemon, Kanjuro, and Raizo!

Oda’s comment

All the best to those suffering from Typhoon No. 21 (Typhoon Jebi) and the earthquake in Hokkaido.
Typhoon Jebi , also known as (note: needs link) as Typhoon No. 21 in Japan, hit western Japan in early September 2018 and is considered the strongest typhoon since 1993. Around the same time, a strong earthquake occurred on HokkaidōJapan’s second largest island.

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