One Piece Chapter 917


The Tales of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Part 44, Special Edition: “This town uses stuff that won’t rip.” Bellamy sits at a drawing desk, sketching a Jolly Roger.


Wano Country, on the farm of the city of Bakura: Speed, headliner of the 100-beast pirate gang and user of a horse-type Smile devil power, is arranging to bring in the harvest to deliver all the non-toxic food and water to the upper class. In the process, however, she discovers that a fire has broken out in the town. While her men take over putting it out, the pirate wonders who is responsible for the destruction of the town, where she runs into Luffy and Holdem, who are still facing each other. The rubber boy continues to demand that the headliner release O-Tama, but the latter is unwilling to give up his hostage, assuming that the Straw Hats are followers of the known thief Shutenmaru, who is thus also to be lured out. When Luffy announces that he will take O-Tama by force if necessary, O-Kiku interferes, telling the Straw Hat captain that all the villagers are so afraid of Holdem because his boss is none other than Jack, one of the three highest members of the Beasts Pirates. Hearing this name, Luffy and Zoro recall that the latter’s ship was sunk by Zunesha, but O-Kiku affirms that she saw Jack only recently, so he must be alive. At this moment, Luffy sees all the delicacies collected by Speed, and is angered that the commoners don’t get any of it. So now he wants to strike back and grab O-Tama, while Zoro should take care of all the other enemies. Before that, the swordsman apologizes to O-Kiku that they now have to steal and flee, but this is the only way…

Meanwhile, at the entrance gate, Basil Hawkins has now also entered the city, but suddenly Trafalgar Law stands in his way…

Back at Luffy and Co. O-Kiku has to watch with disbelieving eyes how the Straw Hat as well as Zoro use their enormous speed to free O-Tama from Holdem’s captivity in front of his eyes, while Zoro takes out all the guards in a flash, hands O-Kiku over to Komachiyo and harnesses the wagon with food to it so that they can all escape. But before that Luffy wants to take revenge on Holdem, who immediately starts his attack “Lion Fire”. However, Luffy easily deflects the following blast of flame from the lion’s mouth into his torso. Horrified by this, Holdem again wants to use his technique “Karakuri Sword”, but Luffy has already started a Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk, which destroys the headliner…!

Oda’s comment

“Huh?! Kintama?!” Fifteen years have passed since I said that. I had a real nose where Gin Tama was concerned. So you’re finishing it, my friend. Great job, Sorachi-kun!
Gin Tamais a manga series by Hideaki Sorachi that celebrated its final chapter in that Weekly Shōnen Jump issue before continuing in Jump GIGA. Oda makes a pun with the Japanese word kintama (金玉), which translates to “testicle/testicle”.

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