One Piece Chapter 916


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates at the beach. The motto is “Stylish Summer”.


Wano Country, the city of Bakura: The notorious sumo wrestler Urashima has just had his braid cut off by O-Kiku. This insult makes the nationally known fighter rage with anger, so he immediately wants to take revenge on the young woman with a huge push. However, this is surprisingly blocked by Luffy, who then challenges Urashima to a fight. Of course, neither he nor the watching crowd believes that the rubber boy could be an opponent for the unbeaten sumo wrestler. To everyone’s shock, however, the straw-hatted captain easily dodges all attacks and eventually stretches his arm several hundred feet. Taking a cue from the sport of sumo, he then develops a new technique called Gomu Gomu no Gigant Tsuppari, which devastatingly hits Urashima and ultimately hurls the sumo wrestler destructively through several buildings. This, of course, sends the entire town into a panic, with the addition of residents recognizing Zoro as the assassin of the governor. As the residents flee, some security guards rush in, but of course they don’t stand a chance against Luffy, Zoro, and O-Kiku. When the Straw Hat demands that the leader of this settlement be informed, since they want O-Tama back from him, Holdem immediately appears on the scene, since his residence was also destroyed by Luffy…

As it turns out, Trafalgar Law is on his way to Bakura with his men, but he has to deal with the fact that Bepo was poisoned by eating fish from the river…

Likewise, Basil Hawkins is on his way and is already at the city’s front gate….

Oda’s comment

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